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Zoom H-4n Digital Audio Recorder Review

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Hand held digital audio recorders have until now sacrificed ease of use and flexibility for size and convenience. With the Zoom H4n Zoom electronics has come up with an intelligent merger of both design and functionality, putting almost all of the functions of a desktop recording studio into a package that looks good, feels solid, and does its job very well.


Tascam DR-07 Review

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The Tascam DR-07 Digital Audio RecorderThe small, lightweight Tascam DR-07 digital audio recorder packs amazingly high quality sound and features into a deceptively small package.

Yamaha PockeTrak W24 Review

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The Yamaha PockeTrak W24When talking about electronic devices those that have some form of wireless capability are almost always better, right?  When speaking of the Yamaha PockeTrak W24 the answer is yes... and no.


Review: Yamaha Pocketrak 2G

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Small and convenient to use, the Yamaha PockeTrak 2G sounds like a great portable recording alternative for musicians or professionals on the go. Does the hype live up to the price tag?

Olympus LS-11 Digital Voice Recorder Review

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Up until now I have stayed away from audio recorders that bill themselves firstly as voice recorders and I have always focused on those intended for use in a music recording environment.  Well, having received more than a few requests and questions about the Olympus line of digital voice recorders I finally gave in and asked the company to send me their highest quality recorder to do a review on.  What they sent me was the Olympus LS-11, a stereo recorder with tons of storage space and decent sounding features.  So what did I find when I opened the box and took a look?  Read on to find out!

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