How to Download Music to CD

Audio RecordingDownloading music to a CD for use in a car or personal CD player requires only a few easy steps and is well within the abilities of almost any computer user.  Most users already own the components necessary to burn a CD with music downloaded from any number of Internet web sites, and even if the user does not have the software already installed a great variety of free programs exist to allow anyone to burn a CD in just seconds.

What Equipment Is Needed To Download Music To A CD?

The basic computer components needed to burn a music CD consist of a CD burner or DVD/CD burner combo drive, an Internet connection, and a CD burning program.  Most computers purchased within the last five years will have all of these already included with the system be it Windows XP, Vista, Macintosh, or even Linux.  The only piece of the puzzle that is not often included are the blank CD's themselves.  Most users can get by with almost any type of burnable CD , however some older CD players will have difficulty playing certain types of discs.

What Software Should Be Used To Burn The CD?

Windows XP, Vista, Macintosh, and Linux computers all come with the built in ability to create a CD from downloaded music files .  Chances are good that most users will use either iTunes or Windows Media Player as their music playing application.  Each of these products has the built in capability to burn downloaded music to CD.  Simply use iTunes or Windows Media Player to create a playlist of the songs you want on the CD.  Once you have the playlist created in iTunes click the Burn Disc button in the lower right corner.  In Windows Media Player click the Burn tab in the top right corner.

For users that are not comfortable with these programs or who want a bit more control over what and how CD's are burned software such as Nero and Roxio CD Creator are excellent commercial choices.  Each of these products can be downloaded and installed via the Internet.  Depending on what service is used to purchase and download music from the Internet, additional options may be available.  Various music players from companies such as Rhapsody and Napster provide the ability to burn CD's as well.

People that want to download music to a CD rather than to their computer have many options with which to do so.  The convenient fact that most of these options are already provided free of charge is icing on the cake.

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  • Guest - chuy

    In reply to: Guest - shay

    hey first you press burn cd and then you press copy and yu wait till it says disk was succesfully something like that

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  • Guest - Karla

    What is the length of time, minutes of music you can download to a CD???

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  • Guest - Shirley

    I have agreed to coordinate a Memorial Day Picnic for my Single's group. I did it last year, however, a friend burned all of the patriotic songs for me on a CD. I have misplaced the CD and my friend moved. I tried doing it myself this year without success. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer with a Vista operating system. I bought CD's especially for downloading music. Here is the site that has most of the music I want to download - patriotic songs and armed forces theme songs. They are in midi file format. Does that matter? If you could give me step by step instructions as to how to lownload them from my computer to a CD, I would be most grateful.

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  • Guest - kaye taylor

    I want to play downloaded music on my Lenoxx Sound Compact Disc Player. It requireds CD-R discs. However, I tried to play a downloaded .wma CD and it does not recognize it. Is there another music format that might work better on this older portable CD player?

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  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    In reply to: Guest - kaye taylor

    You need to burn the CD as an audio CD. You probably burned the WMA files directly to it and most CD players cannot read WMA files. You have to use iTunes or Windows Media Player to convert the WMA files to CD Audio format. It should allow you to do this if you follow the same instructions that are given in the article above (create a playlist and click the burn button).

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  • yh thats good but how do you download kids music to cd so its easier for kids

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  • Guest - FaireMaiden

    Well, Chad, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you didn't explain anything. We've all already heard of ITunes etc; and have a computer that will burn the CD.<br /><br />What we want to know is: EXACTLY how is the whole process accomplished... from A to Z. You say 'a few easy steps', but completely failed to explain those steps.

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  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    In reply to: Guest - FaireMaiden

    The information you are seeking is there. <br /><br />If you look in the section titled What Software Should Be Used To Burn The CD the first paragraph basically tells you how to do it in the two most common music players, Windows Media Player and iTunes. That is the easiest way to download music to CD, and that was the focus of the article. I hope this helps and I am sorry for any confusion.

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  • Guest - Guest

    CD's are limited to about 80 minutes. Some are less, it depends on the kind of blank CD you buy.

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  • Guest - abdi

    i want to download music from internet to CD-R and try a lot but not all things are,i am asking for you this.<br />Thank you!

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