Chromatik- An Easy, Free Way To Get Your Students To Practice At Home

Sheet MusicThere has been a huge buzz lately about a new free web and iPad based service for musicians called Chromatik.  Big name groups like American Idol’s band and Bruno Mars’ backing band use it as do hundreds of others.  So what is the big deal about Chromatik and why might it be REALLY important for music educators to take a look?  Read on to find out.

SmartMusic Offering Free Educator Subscriptions

music-score-negative-CustomSmartMusic is now offering a one year educator subscription ($140 value).  Plus you get free online training to help you get started and learn how to use it.  Want to know more?  Read on to find out!


High Tech- Low Budget Technology Options For The Music Classroom

Low Budget Tech Options For Music Education

Updated October 10, 2013-   This list is intended to compliment the information presented in the High Tech, Low Budget presentation given by Chad Criswell at the 2013 ITEC Conference in Des Moines.  If you have additional suggestions for items not shown on this list please feel free to add them using the comment form at the bottom of the page.


Rhythm Ropes Lesson Idea

Licorice Ropes In Different ColorsHere's an interesting, and tasty, way to help teach rhythms to your students.  I heard this idea at the 2012 Iowa Bandmasters Conference.  Sad to say I forget who told it to me, but when I found it in my notes I wanted to share it as it is quite original.

Impro-Visor A Free Music Accompaniment Program

Impro-Visor Screen ShotThe brain child of Bob Kellar of Harvey Mudd College, Impro-Visor is a useful jazz accompaniment and improvisation training aid that can challenge anyone from the barest beginner to the advanced jazz artist. Using a setup similar to that of Band-In-A-Box, Impro-Visor can help you train your improvisational talents, and it will do it all for free.

Staff Wars 2 Makes For Fun Instrumental Fingering Practice

Staff Wars 2 Screen ShotWant to help your band students learn their notes and let them have fun in the process?  Take a closer look at Staff Wars 2, a software program for the PC and Mac produced by The Music Interactive.  With Staff Wars 2 they can learn their fingerings and blow up the Death Star at the same time.

Free Music Note Identification and Music Theory Worksheets

Sheet Music WorksheetsI’m lazy at times, I admit it, so when I decided I needed some new note identification worksheets to use with my beginning band class to help them practice reading the notes on the staff I didn’t really feel like pulling out Finale and writing one out.  Yes, their templates make it easy and all, but like I said, I was feeling lazy. Luckily I found a fast, pre-made solution.

New Bass Trombone Bags From Fusion

Fusion Trombone BagI’ve been a fan of Fusion instrument bags for a long time now, using them daily to carry all of my instruments from building to building as I teach elementary band.  Until now though one major instrument has been missing from their line, a bag for a bass trombone.  

Quiztones Ear Trainer For iPad and iPhone

Quiztones IconHave you ever wished that you had perfect pitch? Back when I was in college I had to train on a wonderfully archaic little tape recorder called Pitch Master (if I remember right). My results were mediocre at best, much as the hardware was. These days though there is no end to the number of ear training and sight singing apps available for smartphones and tablets. One of these apps, now available for both iOS and Android, is called Quiztones. It's not your ordinary music notation based aural training app though. Read on to find out what it does.

New Clarinet and Trumpet Electronic Lesson Books

TrumpetI have been a long time fan of the Music In Reach tools for iPhone and iPad.  The company’s fingering apps are fun, convenient ways for students to look up and practice fingerings on a number of different instruments.  Now the company has released two new books in Apple’s iBook format that try to make learning the trumpet or clarinet easier and more fun.  Read on to find out more about them.

Doceri Presentation App Review

Doceri Screen ShotAs the use of the iPad in classrooms has grown so too have the number of apps available that allow you to control a desktop computer remotely.  They do okay, but none to this point seem to have the ease of use and feature set that the Doceri app provides.  In its early versions Doceri was just a remote desktop app similar to Splashtop and others.  The new version however, released in summer of 2012, is much more robust and offers a host of new features that make it the ideal classroom presentation app for the iPad.  Read on to find out more.


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