Release Date Given For Noteflight on the iPad

Noteflight for the iPad is finally here!  Almost...  The anxiously awaited release of Noteflight for iPad, Android, and other mobile devices is scheduled for January 24th.  The Noteflight team has been steadily working on converting their online music notation program into HTML5 format so that it can be used on pretty much any device that can connect to the Internet and display web pages.  Want to know more about the upcoming release?  Read on to find out!

A New Kind of Music Video Search Tool

Movie ClapboardHere's another great listening (and watching) resource for music teachers.  For those that are trying to find new ways to add critical listening experiences to our classrooms there are a number of great sites to go to to listen to free music.  Spotify, Grooveshark, and many others are the biggies, but those that want a video option as well may want to check out a new site that marries easy searching for tracks with YouTube videos of the performances!  Read on to find out more.

Noteflight Teams With Norton to Provide Music Theory Exercises

Noteflight logoNoteflight is a popular online music notation application that provides both a free version as well as an enhanced subscription product.  Their Crescendo version of Noteflight is popular with schools as it opens up a lot of additional capabilities including the feature of allowing the teacher to post and accept assignments from their students.  Now it appears that Noteflight has begun to reach out to publishers, specifcally the publisher of the popular Musician's Guide To Theory and Analysis, and created an online compliment to the text intended to tutor students though the process of learning music theory. 

Notion 4 Music Notation Program Released for Mac and Windows

notion screenshot3The Notion music notation software program has been one of my favorites for years.  They aren't as well known as Finale or Sibelius, but they have a strong and dedicated following. Now Notion has released Notion 4 with a slug of new features and a very attractive upgrade price.  Read on to find out more.


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Practice Your Rhythmic Skills With MyRhythm for iPad

MyRhythm iPad App ScreenshotFrom the mind of Gregory Burk comes a new music app for the iPad called MyRhythm.  The app allows you to practice and test your skills at playing simple duple rhythms.  Is it something I would use in my music education classroom?  Read on to find out.

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Roland Releases FREE Synth Sound Libraries

Free Gift BoxRoland's Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 synthesizers are two of the more popular keyboard synths in the history of the company.  The company is now offering you the chance to download virtual versions of the sounds made by these keyboards for free via their Jupiter-80 website.

Decode Complicated Rhythms Easy With Rhythm Calculator

Rhythm Calculator App ScreenshotLearning complicated rhythms can be a challenge to those not yet advanced enough in their instruction to play them.  A new iPhone and iPad app is set to change all that via a simple, calculator style interface that allows you to type in any rhythm and hear it played back instantly.

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iPad Alternatives to Expensive Percussion Instruments

Bell SetI teach 5th grade band and at this level there is really no reason to invest in a set of Chimes or a Vibraphone.  Still, on rare occasions I program music into the concerts that might require such instruments, and rather than leaving them out or having the kids play them on their bell set I have long wished for a good, low cost alternative.  I may have found one in the PercussionSS iPad app.

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Chromatik- An Easy, Free Way To Get Your Students To Practice At Home

Sheet MusicThere has been a huge buzz lately about a new free web and iPad based service for musicians called Chromatik.  Big name groups like American Idol’s band and Bruno Mars’ backing band use it as do hundreds of others.  So what is the big deal about Chromatik and why might it be REALLY important for music educators to take a look?  Read on to find out.

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SmartMusic Offering Free Educator Subscriptions

music-score-negative-CustomSmartMusic is now offering a one year educator subscription ($140 value).  Plus you get free online training to help you get started and learn how to use it.  Want to know more?  Read on to find out!


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High Tech- Low Budget Technology Options For The Music Classroom

Low Budget Tech Options For Music Education

Updated October 10, 2013-   This list is intended to compliment the information presented in the High Tech, Low Budget presentation given by Chad Criswell at the 2013 ITEC Conference in Des Moines.  If you have additional suggestions for items not shown on this list please feel free to add them using the comment form at the bottom of the page.


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