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1 MEdM- Marching Band Tech & The Slick Slide Guide 18 February 2014
2 MEdM- FREE NotateMe Now Handwritten Music Notation Recognition App 04 January 2014
3 MEdM- Social Media and Communication in the Music Classroom 19 December 2013
4 MEdM- GarageBand Goes FREE, NotateMe App Revolutionizes iPad Music Notation 23 October 2013
5 MEdM- Awesome New NotateMe App, New Sheet Music, More 09 October 2013
6 MEdM- New SmartMusic Version FAQ, Chopin Recording Project 16 September 2013
7 MEdM- Free sound card, digital piano giveaway, Zoom H6 review, more! 25 August 2013
8 MEdM- Money Saving Deals for Back To School, New Zoom H6 Recorder 20 August 2013
9 Newly Free iPad Music Apps, Using YouTube In The Music Classroom 24 July 2013
10 MEdM- Earning A Music Degree Online 06 June 2013
11 MEdM- Flipping the Music Ed Classroom, IPI Evaluations, and Music Advocacy Concerts 20 May 2013
12 MEdM- New Practice Incentive Idea, and The Classroom Recording Studio 24 April 2013
13 MEdM- Teaching and Using Recording Tech In The Music Ed Classroom 26 March 2013
14 MEdM- Music Advocacy: First Tell No Lies, New Music Ed Documentary 12 March 2013
15 MEdM- Music Advocacy: Tell No Lies 19 February 2013
16 MEdM- Noteflight for iPad, ThinkMusic App, Rhythm Lab 12 February 2013
17 MEdM- New Educational Music Video Search Tool, More! 14 January 2013
18 MEdM- Midwest Clinic, More Music Money Savers 23 December 2012
19 Freebies- Free MP3's from Amazon, Free Concert Band Music, and More 01 December 2012
20 MEdM- Chromatik Hopes To Change The Way You Practice 26 November 2012

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