Lindsey Sterling Plays Dubstep Violin- Beautifully!

Lindsey Sterling Playing Dubstep ViolinI love seeing instrumental pieces like this go viral on YouTube.  Take a look at the video below to see violinist Lindsey Sterling playing a dubstep piece called Crystallize she wrote in a frozen wonderland out in Colorado.  When I showed it to my daughter she immediately started begging for me to teach her violin which is of course is in the only instrument family that I totally stink at. Oh well, my wife was a violist so I have already told her that she gets the honor of passing on that tradition. :)

By the way, here is a link to Lindsey's web site if you want more information about her music, but go figure, at the time of this writing her site was down probably from all the traffic as a result of the popularity of this video. You can also see more of her videos and information over on her YouTube channel as well.


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More MIDI + Kinect Music Creation

Kinect being used as a MIDI controllerA few weeks ago I did a post on some Brits at Noise Solutions that are doing some interesting work using the Microsoft Kinect bar together with PC software to allow people to create music using nothing more than body movements.  The computer is running software made by a guy by the name of Chris Vik from Melbourne, Australia and he has some of his stuff up for view at his Kinectar web site.  

This isn't your old Theramin junk, it's actually pretty cool.  

Click the Read More link to see the video of their latest efforts.



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New Musical Instruments Marry Jello With High Tech

Jeltone Jello PianoOn Friday, February 17th during a live webcast the annual Georgia Tech Guthman Musical Instrument Competition will be available for all to watch.  Each year this eclectic mix of new and strange musical instruments takes the stage to see whose design will win what some people have gone so far as to call the X-prize for music.  In reality it is quite a bit less than that, with the top prize only being $10,000.  Still, the honor and prestigue of having your creation featured in this competition is definitely worth some cool points.  Last year's top winners fail to impress me much, a strange electronic table instrument called Mo Kitchen and the MindBox Media Slot Machine are interesting but a little bit boring IMHO.  In contrast the 2010 winner, the Double Slide Controller makes my trombonist heart beat with extended enthusiasm.


Read on for more videos about some of the 2012 Guthman Musical Instrument Competitors

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Making Music With A Kinect Sensor and A Laptop

Making Music With A DIY Kinect and PCI want to thank the guys over at the Noise Solution blog for showing me some really cool new DIY tech that makes an excellent substitute for the Soundbeam musical instrument.  For those that don't know a Soundbeam is a very pricey (like $5,000 pricey) device that senses movement and turns it into sound.  It is most often used in music therapy and as a way to help special needs individuals create music when they have limited mobility or dexterity.  To make a long story short, the guys at Noise Solution have rigged up a cool Do It Yourself substitute for this device using around $100 of off the shelf parts and some home brew software.  

The video below shows you what they have accomplished.  They have also done a similar music creation project using Wii remotes that is very impressive as well.  Read on to see the video.

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JamStudio Makes Practicing More Fun

Guitar FretboardThanks to a Twitter post from @SmartMusic I have found a neat little online rhythm generator that can easily be used to provide background accompaniments when having students practice scales and other exercises.  Having the background beat going really does help younger students keep focused and steady, plus it makes even simple sounding exercises a lot more impressive to the ear.   Best of all it's free and fairly easy to use.  

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Teachers You Should Meet- Steve Park- French Horn

One of the great things about being a writer for Teaching Music is that I get a chance to talk to some great teachers that normally I would never meet or probably even hear of.  This month in preparation for a piece coming out in the April issue I got to meet Steve Park, an Adjunct Horn Professor at Utah State University.  The topic was on trumpet stuff (you'll just have to read the piece in the magazine if you are curious) but along the way he gave me some great tips for helping a few of my floundering trumpet and horn students.  Sometimes it just takes a different point of view to help you see a new way to teach something and teaching it in that new way can make all the difference.  

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Top Four Portable Digital Audio Recorders of 2012

Sound WaveIt's been well over a year since I last did a real round up of the current crop of digital audio recorders and there have been a lot of changes. One of the recorders that many of my collegues swore by (The M-Audio MicroTrak 2) got discontinued, and the company got out of the portable digital audio recording business completely. At the same time Olympus, a long time maker of digital voice recorders has come out with a model that (at least in my tests) seemed to do very well as a music/field recording device. The old list was kind of long and complicated so this year I am scaling back to focus on the best of the best in the world of portable digital audio recorders.  Read on to find out who made the cut.

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Woodwind/Brasswind Big Clearance Sale

Acoustic BassLooks like the Woodwind and Brasswind is holding a big year end clearance sale on a lot of their accessories and intermediate/pro line instruments.  Pretty nice deals from what I saw there, espeically on mouthpieces and used instruments.  

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New Method Book From Focus On Music

Scale and Rhythm Chunks Book CoverThe guys over at Focus On Music have just released a new set of method books called Scale and Rhythm Chunks that are designed to provide a systematic approach to improving fingerings and other skills.  From the Chunks press release:


Each "Chunk" exercise is short enough that directors can easily evaluate each student quickly and effectively and students can easily "digest" new information. This affords students the opportunity to have frequent assessments to help them develop good habits for performance during the earlier stages of development.


Scale and Rhythm Chunks is the perfect tool for every developing player.  The books are designed so that students will be motivated to take home their books and learn new notes, rhythms, dynamics and articulations on their own in a simple and straight-forward way.  It can provide remedial help for learners who need more time to develop and provide extremely high goals for your advanced learners in need of a challenge. 

 For more information visit them over at the Focus On Music web site.

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MakeMusic Announces Free Finale Notepad 2012 and Viewer for iPad

Finale Viewer For iPad Screen ShotMakeMusic announced today that their upcoming release of Finale Notepad 2012 will once again be a free download beginning on February 15th just as it was back in 2008.  No real details on the new version are available and I have not yet seen the finished product, but it looks as though the features and capabilities of Finale Notepad 2012 will be roughly the same as in past versions.  

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Alternative Ways To Help Challenging Band Students

Flute Player Playing InstrumentAnyone that has taught band, orchestra, or any instrument based music class has doubtless had students that can only be described as challenged when it comes to playing their instrument. I’m firmly in the camp that almost every student can learn to play an instrument if they have positive experiences and if they are dedicated to practicing, but we all know that there are other issues that come into play that can wreck even the most brilliant teacher’s plans. Regardless of what those outside stresses might be there are a few things that any teacher should consider before they allow themselves to discount a student’s potential. These are tricks that I have used that I have had success with.

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