Music Related Deal of the Day Web Sites

Sale photoDeal of the Day websites like Woot, DailySteals, and others are growing in popularity but few ever feature music related items.  I have discovered two daily deal sites that specialize only in music and music education oriented merchandise and both seem to offer pretty good prices when compared to full retail.  I am sure that there are more music deals sites out there, so if you know of any that I am not covering in this article be sure to leave a comment and add your own proverbial two cents.

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Eugene Rousseau Debuts New Saxophone Resource Site

Eugene RousseauEugene Rousseau is one of the most noted names on the saxophone, with his own line of professional mouthpieces and over 80 pieces of recorded literature to his credit.  Now Rousseau has opened his own saxophone pedagogy resource site with several useful videos, articles, and other items of interest to aspiring saxophonists around the world.  Read on to find out what makes this new site so useful.

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Free Printable Sheet Music For Piano

Piano being playedFor the last seven years I have been steadily building the archive of free printable sheet music for piano and other instruments here at  Most of our selection of sheet music is beginner oriented, meaning that they are melody only, usually written for right hand only, and written at a 5th grade beginning band ability level.  

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Updated Music Notation Software Guides Available

Piano composingI have spent the weekend doing a long needed update to MusicEdMagic's professional music notation software buyers guide.  All of the products have been updated to their most recent versions and new, updated reviews of each product have been uploaded to the site as well.  Feel free to comment on any of them and let me know what you think!  New reviews are available for Sibelius 7, Finale 2012, and Maestro Composer.  An update of the consumer level buyers guide will be coming in future days as well.


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Use Spotify Without Broadcasting Your Plays to Facebook

Spotify LogoFor some people the idea of having apps such as Spotify post updates to their Facebook page is an annoyance. Yet many services such as Spotify require you to allow it that access if you want to use their music streaming service. Take heart, there is a workaround available to prevent your listening preferences from becoming public knowledge. Read on to find out how.

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Conn-Selmer Launches New Brass Mouthpiece Finder Page

Mouthpiece Finder Screen ShotFor those who are not brass players to begin with picking the right mouthpiece can be a little...  well...  complicated.  Cup sizes, rim sizes, finishes, all of these things go into selecting the right mouthpiece for your instrument.  Conn-Selmer has just taken the lid off of a new web site that helps you with the decision and order your perfect fit.  In some ways though it leaves much to be desired.  Read on to find out more.

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Sell Your Used MP3's Online Legally

An old iPod MP3 playerAccording to an article published on Technology Review a startup company named ReDigi now offers you the chance to sell your old, unloved music tracks on its site for others to then purchase for as little as 69 cents each.  Of course the record labels pounced almost as quickly as the service flipped the ON switch, but that has not slowed the site's growth in popularity.


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2012 List of Free Sheet Music Creator Tools

Sheet music2012 marks the reemergence of one of the big names in free sheet music creation software, Finale Notepad 2012.  This product, in addition to several other free sheet music writing tools make it easy and very inexpensive to get started writing music at any level of ability.  However, not all of these programs are created equal, some of them lack features that others provide.  Which one should you use?  Read on to get our suggestions on the best free sheet music creators available.

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Gibson Guitar Settlement Statement Not So Mild Mannered

GuitarsI don't get into the legal arena very often so it feels kind of strange to be talking about a legal settlement between the US government and Gibson Guitars.  Honestly I have been rooting for Gibson ever since I first blogged about the raid back in August of 2011.  I was happy to see them settle this thing and be done with it, but then I read the statement that Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz released about it.  After doing so I found myself actually switching sides a bit as his response strikes me as one part "mild mannered response" and three parts sarcasm.

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Free Sheet Music For Alto Sax

Alto Sax PlayerMusicEdMagic’s collection of easy, beginner level free sheet music for alto sax has dozens of easy, playable titles that are arranged specifically for alto sax players in the first two years of their instruction.  All of the notes are printed in the normal playing range for a beginner and accidentals are used only where absolutely necessary.

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