2012 List of Free Sheet Music Creator Tools

Sheet music2012 marks the reemergence of one of the big names in free sheet music creation software, Finale Notepad 2012.  This product, in addition to several other free sheet music writing tools make it easy and very inexpensive to get started writing music at any level of ability.  However, not all of these programs are created equal, some of them lack features that others provide.  Which one should you use?  Read on to get our suggestions on the best free sheet music creators available.

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Gibson Guitar Settlement Statement Not So Mild Mannered

GuitarsI don't get into the legal arena very often so it feels kind of strange to be talking about a legal settlement between the US government and Gibson Guitars.  Honestly I have been rooting for Gibson ever since I first blogged about the raid back in August of 2011.  I was happy to see them settle this thing and be done with it, but then I read the statement that Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz released about it.  After doing so I found myself actually switching sides a bit as his response strikes me as one part "mild mannered response" and three parts sarcasm.

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Free Sheet Music For Alto Sax

Alto Sax PlayerMusicEdMagic’s collection of easy, beginner level free sheet music for alto sax has dozens of easy, playable titles that are arranged specifically for alto sax players in the first two years of their instruction.  All of the notes are printed in the normal playing range for a beginner and accidentals are used only where absolutely necessary.

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Avid Shakeup Leaves Sibelius Future Uncertain

Sibelius 7 Retail BoxBack during the first week of July Avid announced that it was restructuring a lot of it's holdings.  Among these was the announcement that it was selling its consumer audio and video product lines and closing the UK Sibelius development and support team.  Does this mean the end of Sibelius past the current Sibelius 7 version?

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Free Silent Night Violin Sheet Music

gift-box-300Silent Night is one of the most beloved of all Christmas carols, and this document contains links and downloadable PDF's of a variety of Silent Night violin sheet music files.  Some of the files are hosted here at MusicEdMagic, others are links to off site repositories of sheet music that may or may not be in different keys or use different playing techniques.  The Silent Night sheet music for violin and other instruments provided by this site is written in D Major and should be easily playable by most violinists in their second or third year of instruction.  Scroll down below the license block to view individual violin sheet music files.

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Free Popular Piano Sheet Music Resources

piano-300I recently did some digging and found a number of sites that specialize in providing free popular piano sheet music for my daughter.  She is learning to play the piano and rather than plunk through "boring old" music she wants to try to learn to play more recent popular piano pieces.  The selection of pieces at each of these sites is hit and miss, but if you look around you can find almost any current piece of  popular piano sheet music and download or print it directly from their site.  

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Visualize The Music Theory and Chords Of Songs

Firework Chord Progressions Screen ShotMusic theory was tough for me. I was always a very visual learner so hearing chord progressions and analyzing them were difficult to grasp.  A new site I just discovered might have changed all that for me by tying auditory research together with visual representations of that research.  Dave Carlton has analyzed the chord progressions of over 1300 popular songs and laid them out in a way that is a great resource not only for music students but also for songwriters as well. 

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The Imaginary Marching Band- Now Available

virtual trumpet for Petersons Imaginary Marching BandAs a child I played in an imaginary marching band. Apparently that is also what inventor Scott Peterman did in his younger years. The difference between him and I? He actually took the idea and made it a reality. Using specially made electronic gloves you can play now play the trumpet, trombone, drums, or cymbals, all without actually touching a real instrument...

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Amazing Works of Musical Art and Sculpture

The Singing Ringing TreeToday I was walking through the giant sculptures and booths at the Des Moines Arts Festival when one of the pieces reminded me of some of the other incredible works of musical art I have seen and tweeted about over the last year.  I decided to put them all into this collection of posts and share them with those of you who might not have seen them before. To quote a phrase from the movie August Rush, "Music Is All Around Us," and no more so than in these incredible works of visual and musical artistry.  Read on to read and learn about each one.




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Relaxing With The Music Of Minecraft

minecraft-blocks-300I've never really got the hang of it, but for those of you who are open, raving fans of Minecraft (an indie multiplayer crafting game) have you ever stopped to simply listen to the musical soundtrack that accompanies the game?  The music in Minecraft is far more modern than the game's trademark eight bit graphic style, and even non-players can appreciate and relax to it as the music is intended to accompany the game rather than overpower it.  If you don't fancy having to search through countless dungeons to find the individual Minecraft music discs for each song, or if you simply enjoy slow paced ambient electronic  music read on and find out what the buzz is all about.

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