New Clarinet and Trumpet Electronic Lesson Books

TrumpetI have been a long time fan of the Music In Reach tools for iPhone and iPad.  The company’s fingering apps are fun, convenient ways for students to look up and practice fingerings on a number of different instruments.  Now the company has released two new books in Apple’s iBook format that try to make learning the trumpet or clarinet easier and more fun.  Read on to find out more about them.

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Doceri Presentation App Review

Doceri Screen ShotAs the use of the iPad in classrooms has grown so too have the number of apps available that allow you to control a desktop computer remotely.  They do okay, but none to this point seem to have the ease of use and feature set that the Doceri app provides.  In its early versions Doceri was just a remote desktop app similar to Splashtop and others.  The new version however, released in summer of 2012, is much more robust and offers a host of new features that make it the ideal classroom presentation app for the iPad.  Read on to find out more.

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Lightning Fast, Low Cost Web Hosting For Non-Profits

Networking DiagramThis may seem a bit strange coming from MusicEdMagic but hear me out. If you hate your web host as much as I did consider jumping ship and coming over to host alongside MusicEdMagic.   I recently canceled my web hosting accounts at GoDaddy and bought into a virtual private server to host MusicEdMagic and a few other small sites that I own.  The server has a lot of excess capacity and I want to share the love a bit.  Read on to find out more!

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Make Giant Posters For Your Classroom For Free

Blocky imageHere’s another budget saving tip for your classroom.  Did you ever need to have a larger poster sized diagram or photo made to put on the wall of your room?  Custom posters can cost a lot to have made at a print shop, and if you go looking for a pre-made poster chances are you will never find one that is exactly like what you had in mind.  Luckily there is a web site that will take your photo, chart, or anything else and let you make your own huge poster at home.

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Get In The ZOEN and Learn To Play An Instrument Online



Zoen LogoOnline music education is a growing industry limited only by the technology being used to provide the lessons.  Skype has been the program of choice used by hundreds or even thousands of professional music teachers all over the world.  Now however, Zenph Sound Innovations has released a new web browser based lesson portal known as ZOEN (for Zenph Online Education Network) that makes getting started taking or giving online lessons a whole lot easier.  Read on to find out more.

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More Sources of Free Concert Band Sheet Music



A Concert Band Snare DrumEveryone likes a freebie, and stretching your school budget by making use of free concert band sheet music is one that every band director can enjoy.  For those that have in their heads that free concert band music automatically means poor quality, take heart, many of the freebies you will find on the sites listed below are from lesser known but capable composers and many of their selections can work well in many ensembles.  Read on to see the list.

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Music Related Deal of the Day Web Sites

Sale photoDeal of the Day websites like Woot, DailySteals, and others are growing in popularity but few ever feature music related items.  I have discovered two daily deal sites that specialize only in music and music education oriented merchandise and both seem to offer pretty good prices when compared to full retail.  I am sure that there are more music deals sites out there, so if you know of any that I am not covering in this article be sure to leave a comment and add your own proverbial two cents.

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Eugene Rousseau Debuts New Saxophone Resource Site

Eugene RousseauEugene Rousseau is one of the most noted names on the saxophone, with his own line of professional mouthpieces and over 80 pieces of recorded literature to his credit.  Now Rousseau has opened his own saxophone pedagogy resource site with several useful videos, articles, and other items of interest to aspiring saxophonists around the world.  Read on to find out what makes this new site so useful.

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Free Printable Sheet Music For Piano

Piano being playedFor the last seven years I have been steadily building the archive of free printable sheet music for piano and other instruments here at  Most of our selection of sheet music is beginner oriented, meaning that they are melody only, usually written for right hand only, and written at a 5th grade beginning band ability level.  

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Updated Music Notation Software Guides Available

Piano composingI have spent the weekend doing a long needed update to MusicEdMagic's professional music notation software buyers guide.  All of the products have been updated to their most recent versions and new, updated reviews of each product have been uploaded to the site as well.  Feel free to comment on any of them and let me know what you think!  New reviews are available for Sibelius 7, Finale 2012, and Maestro Composer.  An update of the consumer level buyers guide will be coming in future days as well.


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Use Spotify Without Broadcasting Your Plays to Facebook

Spotify LogoFor some people the idea of having apps such as Spotify post updates to their Facebook page is an annoyance. Yet many services such as Spotify require you to allow it that access if you want to use their music streaming service. Take heart, there is a workaround available to prevent your listening preferences from becoming public knowledge. Read on to find out how.

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