MusicEdMagic 4th Anniversary Giveaway


IF YOU ARE LISTED AS A WINNER AND DO NOT RECEIVE A NOTIFICATION EMAIL BY JANUARY 1st PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read on to see the list of prizes.  Contest rules are at the bottom of this document.

Prizes given out during the 2009 MusicEdMagic Anniversary Giveaway:

Grand Prizes:

Finale 2010 Music Notation Software-  Full Retail Version ($600 value)  WON BY mmc16300

Sibelius 6 Music Notation Software- Full Retail Version ($599 value)   WON BY barigrl

Other Prizes:

Gig Bags:



Contest Rules (4 easy steps):

1)  To enter yourself in the giveaway please Log In or Register using the form on the home page of the site.

2)  After you have logged in you will be returned to this page.  Now VISIT THIS LINK and send a message to the username "MEM2009"

3)  In the body of the message include at least one question, comment, or statement having to do with something in music education that you had once learned but forgotten in the years since you took the class.

This could also be something that you just wish you knew more about and that would help you in your classroom.

The question does not have to be something you currently struggle with, but can be something that you struggled with when you first started teaching.  Submitted questions may be used as ideas for future articles or publications to help other teachers.

Here are some examples submitted by other readers in previous years:

"How do you adjust a snare drum to sound crisp with no ringing sounds?"
"Which notes on the trumpet require the 1st and 3rd valve slides to be adjusted to play in tune?"
"What are the strings on a violin tuned to?"
"How to you get a clarinetist to bring their pitch up if their instrument is pushed completely together?"

You can also ask questions unrelated to instruments.  For example:

"What do people use for discipline and conduct policies while on a group trip?"
"My students hate me because their old director left.  What do I do?"
"My students won't practice at home, how do I get them to start?"
"How do I work composition into a large ensemble class?"

Of course technology questions are also encouraged:

"How does an audio mixer work and how do I prevent feedback when micing my band?"

"How do I make a band web site that best represents my program?"
"How can I use the Internet to enhance my teaching in the classroom?"

4)  Lastly, please include your mailing address in case you win.  This is optional, as I will contact you via email if your name is chosen as a winner to verify things before I ship the prize.


The Fine Print:

The winners will be randomly selected from the entries received.  Entries that are obviously spam will be deleted.  In order to be considered you must provide at least one genuine, useful question or suggestion that would be of use to a music educator in the K-12 setting.

All entries must be received by Wednesday, December 23rd.  The drawing will take place during the following week and winners will be contacted via email at that time.  Winners have one week to reply to the email and accept the prize.  If the winner does not respond within one week the prize will be forfiet and another name will be drawn.  Prizes will be given out in the order they appear above.  The first name drawn will get the first prize, second name drawn will get the second item, etc.

Please note that all submissions become the property of MusicEdMagic.  By submitting a question or comment via email you are giving me permission to potentially use that question or comment without compensation as the basis for a future article or for other purposes to advance the mission of MusicEdMagic.

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