New Clarinet and Trumpet Electronic Lesson Books

TrumpetI have been a long time fan of the Music In Reach tools for iPhone and iPad.  The company’s fingering apps are fun, convenient ways for students to look up and practice fingerings on a number of different instruments.  Now the company has released two new books in Apple’s iBook format that try to make learning the trumpet or clarinet easier and more fun.  Read on to find out more about them.

Written by band directors/composers Bob and Donna Cotter the Trumpet In Reach and Clarinet in Reach iBooks take a beginning band student through the necessary steps to learn to play their instruments.  Filled with dozens of videos, photos, fingering charts, and exercises each book goes through the basics from embouchure formation and hand position to breath control and posture.

The two books are between 189-210 digital pages long and are intended to fit in with traditional classroom instruction or to be used as a stand alone instruction tool for those who simply want to learn the instrument on their own.  Each book sells for $5.99 in the iBook store and both also have free sample versions available should you want to take a closer look before purchasing them.

About The Author
Chad Criswell

Chad Criswell is a career music educator working in the Iowa public schools.  His articles have appeared in dozens of publications both online and in print.  He currently serves as the national music technology writer for NAfME's Teaching Music Magazine and has presented sessions at numerous music education conferences including the 2012 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.

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