The sheet music files for Take Me Out To The Ball Game have been updated to include harmony parts as well as Finale, Sibelius, SmartMusic, and MP3 file formats as well.  You can now download the music for the song for all concert band instruments and mix and match the harmony parts as needed.  If you find you don't like my harmonizing (trust me, I'm not the greatest at it), then you can use the Finale or Sibelius music notation files to edit it as you see fit.  The 1st parts are all melody while the 2nd parts are the harmony. 

The MP3 file has the full concert band arrangement in it, and the SmartMusic file can be used in class or at home to practice and assess a student's performance of it.

It is my hope to slowly do the rest of the free sheet music in the collection in this same way.  I am converting files from Sibelius over to Finale and hope to post them as they come available.

Of course, there is also a large quantity of free sheet music already available here at MusicEdMagic, in fact I have published dozens of public domain pieces in many different categories, all arranged to be playable even by first year beginners.  If an instrument is not available try one of the others and you will likely find that one of them falls into the playable range for your instrument.

 Take Me Out To The Ball GameTake Me Out To The Ball Game

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