000 Irig FrontGuitarists rejoice!  Thanks to the Amplitube app for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch you can now take all of your favorite effects pedals, amps, and cabinets with you without the need to lug around a suitcase full of equipment.  The Amplitube app works together with a $40 accessory called the iRig that when plugged between your iPad and your guitar will add any desired effects to the sound before sending it out to your amplifier.  

You get the sound into the iPad by connecting the guitar to the iRig via a standard ¼ inch cable and then connect the iRig to your amplifier via a headphone plug (add your own adapter to take it back up to ¼ inch if you need to).  I have talked to several musicians now that have nothing but rave reviews about the Amplitube app and the associated iRig accessory.  In fact, for any guitar enthusiast using Amplitube with the iRig is a steal as for $40 plus the $20 full version of Amplitube you can make your guitar sound like you spent hundreds on the individual stomp boxes and other equipment that is all contained within the app.

Remember- Don't Stomp On Me!

If there are any caveats to using Amplitube on the iPad it is that obviously you won’t be stomping on it to change sounds.  You will have to take your fingers off of the guitar to switch to other sounds.  Also a downside is that while several boxes can be on the screen at once using the iPad on the iPhone or iPod the screens are too small to allow for more than one to be visible at a time.  

Multiple Versions Available and Ala Carte Pricing on Additional Pedals

The application also has a free version where users can download additional pedals ala carte for use with the iRig.  The full version of Amplitube includes almost all of the available pedals, amps, and cabinets with a few additional ones available for purchase separately.  As mentioned before, when you keep in mind that this app and the iRig can save you hundreds of dollars in costly hardware it makes sense to at least take a look and give it a try before investing in a new device to throw in your bag.

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