Scorio for iPad
Runs On: iPad
Scorio is an iPad app that works together with the Scorio online music notation site allowing you to create and edit sheet music using the iPad's touch screen interface.
Creating sheet music made easy! The scorio Music Notator lets you write your own music on the iPad. Edit play and print your music whenever you want. Enter and edit music the iPad way: Use touch gestures to insert notes and touchmove gestures to move notes around and change pitches. Alternatively you may also use the virtual piano keyboard.

Use the scorio Music Notator to write melodies, lead sheet with chord symbols, songs with lyrics, polyphonic pieces and arrangements with an absolutely professional print layout. An integrated MIDI-Player gives you acoustic feedback.

scorio Music Notator works hand in hand with the free scorewriter portal ( and needs internet connectivity. The music you create on your iPad can be saved on and you may then continue to work on your music in any web browser on your Mac or PC.

You may not only create your own music. Using the search function of you will find music others have written and published. You can use these pieces as templates for your own arrangements.

Optionally you can publish your own music to the search engine of

Creating and editing music works right away. Saving, publishing and printing requires a free user account on The terms of use for are listed at

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