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The Edirol R-09HR digital audio recorder is a remake of the very popular Edirol R-09 model, with the inclusion of several new bells and whistles including a low power OLED screen, and an included wireless remote control.

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Features of the Edirol R-09HR Digital Audio Recorder

  • 24 bit/ 96 kHz recording format at highest quality
  • Stereo recording via two built in microphones
  • External mic and line level inputs
  • Variable speed playback of recorded audio
  • USB Plug and Play allows storage to show up as a normal USB hard drive when used with a computer
  • Cakewalk pyro Audio Creator LE software included
  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    One of the oldest and most respected names in portable digital audio recorders is the Edirol R-09. Music teachers and musicians in general have been using this device to record both rehearsals and performances for many years now. The newest iteration of this venerable recording device is known as the R-09HR and features several new upgrades and features that make it worth looking at for anyone that is in the marked for a new digital audio recorder.<br /><br />The Edirol gets high marks for audio recording quality. In the included demo files you can definitely hear a difference between the 48 and 96 kHz samples, with the 96kHz sounds sounding much more full and with excellent acoustic qualities. Of course, individual results will vary depending on the individual room's acoustics, but even recordings done during testing sounded very clean and with low noise/distortion without any adjustments or editing required. The included wireless remote is a rarity among hand held digital audio recorders and is very handy but also very small and easy to misplace. Downsides include the rather puny 512MB SD Card (only 13 minutes of music at highest quality setting) and lack of included batteries. Considering the $300 price tag those inclusions seem rather cheap. Still, at least they provide the AC adapter for free. <br /><br />Overall the Edirol R-09HR is an excellent recording unit, although a bit overpriced when compared to the features of similar products. The Organic Light Emitting Diode screen is a nice "green" feature that should save on battery life and provides a clear, vibrant display, but this alone does not help it compare with the power and features of it's competitor, the Zoom H4n.

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