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Big brother to the popular PockeTrak 2G digital audio recorder the Yamaha PockeTrak CX packs the advantages of larger microphones, better quality recordings, and expandable memory.

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Main Features of the Yamaha PockeTrak CX Digital Audio Recorder

  • Coincident pair microphone setup for better stereo quality
  • Cubase AI4 software
  • Eneloop high performance rechargable battery
  • USB Plug and Play
  • Recharge battery via USB
  • Variable speed playback

  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    The Yamaha PockeTrak series of digital audio recorders are very popular, especially with music teachers and amateur musicians that want to be able to make good quality recordings of their ensembles on short notice. The Yamaha PockeTrak CX improves greatly in this regard in terms of recording quality thanks to the addition of larger diaphragm microphones arranged in the industry recognized XY coincident pair pattern. The audio recordings from the PockeTrak CX are noticibly deeper and more full sounding than the same recording made on the PockeTrak 2G, but in return the user gives up a little bit of pocket space as the CX nearly doubles the thickness and weight of the older 2G model.<br /><br />The addition of an expandable memory card is a nice improvement over the hard wired 2gigs of memory in the older 2G. The only downside being that the memory is in the form of tiny little MicroSD cards. However, the USB Plug and Play capabilities of the Yamaha PockeTrak CX portable digital audio recorder makes this less of an issue except for when it becomes necessary to swap out the card.<br /><br />Yamaha makes a big selling point of its Eneloop rechargable battery, and in truth the battery does perform very well (up to 19 hours on a single charge). The only problem with the battery is that recharging does not occur automatically. A special keypress must be made while plugged into a USB jack in order for the system to begin recharging the battery. This apparently helps to preserve battery life but can become a bit of a pain at times.

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