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Small and convenient to use, the Yamaha PockeTrak 2G sounds like a great portable recording alternative for musicians or professionals on the go. Does the hype live up to the price tag?

The Yamaha PockeTrak 2G is a thin, highly portable digital music recorder with a built in stereo microphone. This diminutive little device packs a lot of power and storage into a small, convenient case, but like all pieces of modern technology buyers of the PockeTrak must live with a few minor quirks that are found in an otherwise outstanding portable recording product.

  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    <h2>PockeTrak 2G Features</h2><br />The PockeTrak 2G is barely longer and only slightly thicker than an iPod Nano. Packed into this small frame is a large 2GB flash memory drive and a unique pair of adjustable stereo speakers. Everything that a person needs to make high quality recordings on the go can be found on the PockeTrak including multiple storage folders, a small playback speaker, headphone and microphone jacks, and the ability to speed up and slow down the recorded audio. The unit has a built in full size USB key to allow the recorder to be plugged directly in to a computer to download and edit the saved audio. At the same time, MP3 and other audio files from the computer can be loaded onto the PockeTrak, turning the recorder into a multipurpose portable flash drive that works with both Mac and PC. The unit also ships with a copy of the Cubase AI software.<br /><br /><br /><br /><h2><br />PockeTrak 2G Ease of Use</h2><br />The PockeTrak 2G comes with it&rsquo;s own leather carry case that easily clips onto a belt. Although the unit feels rather flimsy, it proves itself to be quite durable by protecting the USB key inside a slide out sheath when not in use. Recording is a simple matter of pushing a button, and the factory settings are adequate for most users. By default the unit records to WAV format and can store up to three hours of audio. Switching to MP3 mode extends this much longer.<br /><br /><br /><br /><h2>Summary</h2><br />While the recording quality of the PockeTrak is on par with other highly compact recorders, one glaring issue that was noticed during the review was that it tends to overemphasize the low tones. Bass drum tended to stick out much more than in real life, but a quick wash with the included Cubase AI software fixed this problem in post production. Another drawback is that in order to use external microphones the mic must be equipped with a quarter inch headphone jack. Despite this very minor drawbacks the Pocketrak is still an excellent and very convenient device that is easy to transport and even easier to use.

  • Guest - Shue-Yu Kwan

    The Yamaha Pocketrack 2G is so easy to use that I could not put it down after I took it out of the box. Although everything works great, I notice that the inherent noise floor on both the PCM and MP3 recordings are higher than what I would expect from a quality recorder. The noise floor of the Pocketrack 2G may be o.k. for loud rock music recording with the recording volume set to 10 or lower. The noise level is definitely too high for recording vocal or acustic guitar music. The inherent "hisss" noise brings me back to the old cassette tape recording days. Definitely not what I am expecitng from today's digital recorders.

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