Christmas treeIt's that time of year again.  Soon the snow will be falling and thoughts will turn to the coming Christmas season.  Jolly Old Saint Nicholas is one of the world's favorite secular Christmas carols, and this document contains links to free sheet music for almost every instrument a person might wish to play.

Free Sheet Music to Jolly Old Saint Nicholas For Common Concert Band Instruments and Voice

A favorite of the holiday season, this document contains links to free Christmas sheet music to the carol, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.

Origin of the song, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Written in the early 1900's, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas is widely believed to have been penned by the American song writer and singer Wilf Carter .  Although this belief apparently has not been confirmed, Jolly Old St. Nicholas still remains nearly a century later as one of the most popular secular Christmas carols.  Individual parts are provided farther down the page. Lyrics to the song are also provided at the very bottom.

Links are also provided below to allow you to download and print the sheet music to "Jolly Old St. Nicholas."Parts are available for all common concert band instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, flute, etc.  If you do not find your instrument on the list you will still likely be able to play one of the other instrument's music sheets.  Simply look at the full score shown below and find an instrument that plays in the same range that your instrument normally plays in.



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ContractJolly Old Saint NicholasJolly Old Saint Nicholas


The Lyrics (Words) To "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"


Jolly old Saint Nicholas,
Lean your ear this way,
Don't you tell a single soul What I'm going to say.
Christmas Eve is coming soon,
Now you dear old man,
Whisper what you'll bring to me,
Tell me if you can.

When the clock is striking twelve,
When I'm fast asleep,
Down the chimney with your pack,
With your pack you'll creep.
All the stockings you will find,
Hanging in a row,
Mine will be the shortest one,
You'll be sure to know.

Johnny wants a pair of skates,
Susie wants a dolly,
Nelly wants a storybook – She thinks dolls are folly.
As for me, my little brain, Isn't very bright;
Choose for me, old Santa Claus, What you think is right.





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