Music with Flute This article contains links to the famous Wedding March written by Felix Mendellsohn.  Parts are provided for all concert band instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. 

In 1842 the famous Shakespear play A Midsummer Night's Dream premiered with music composed by Felix Mendellsohn.  One of the most famous pieces from this play was the Wedding March and is still used regularly today as a recessional march for modern day weddings all over the world.

Additional information and reference links regarding the classical composer Felix Mendellsohn is available in the MusicEdMagic composer databaseRecordings of this piece and others by Mendellsohn are available through  An MP3 recording of the Wedding March is also available for direct download from Amazon as well.



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ContractWedding MarchWedding March

1Weddingmarch-TubaWeddingmarch-Tuba46.85 KB259 times
2Weddingmarch-TrumpetinBbWeddingmarch-TrumpetinBb46.94 KB235 times
3Weddingmarch-TromboneBaritoneWeddingmarch-TromboneBaritone46.75 KB214 times
4Weddingmarch-TenorSaxophoneWeddingmarch-TenorSaxophone46.71 KB228 times
5Weddingmarch-HorninFWeddingmarch-HorninF46.51 KB194 times
6Weddingmarch-FluteOboeWeddingmarch-FluteOboe46.79 KB221 times
7Weddingmarch-ClarinetinBbWeddingmarch-ClarinetinBb46.93 KB197 times
8Weddingmarch-AltoSaxophoneWeddingmarch-AltoSaxophone46.93 KB292 times
9WeddingmarchWeddingmarch53.38 KB304 times
10Wedding March ScoreWedding March Score37.72 KB379 times
11Wedding March - TubaWedding March - Tuba17.38 KB296 times
12Wedding March - Trumpet In BbWedding March - Trumpet In Bb19 KB309 times
13Wedding March - Trombone BaritoneWedding March - Trombone Baritone16.65 KB272 times
14Wedding March - Tenor SaxophoneWedding March - Tenor Saxophone16.78 KB248 times
15Wedding March - Horn In FWedding March - Horn In F17.16 KB249 times
16Wedding March - Flute OboeWedding March - Flute Oboe17.22 KB271 times
17Wedding March - Clarinet In BbWedding March - Clarinet In Bb19.06 KB267 times
18Wedding March - Alto SaxophoneWedding March - Alto Saxophone16.93 KB330 times


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  • Guest - crystal

    i am looking for a song ? its" i want to know what love is" but i want it as my wedding march for our wedding ....we saw it in a movie one time about 8 years ago and it was really pretty and we both said that the day we get married thats the song we want playing its a sound track but i cant remember for what movie it was it was so long ago i know its group of little girls singing it they sounded like little angels>>>>>>> if anyone knows contact me please its important

  • Guest - Guest

    In reply to: Guest - crystal


  • Guest - Kyle

    In reply to: Guest - crystal

    In Response to Crystal-<br /><br />The Song is Called "I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner.

  • Guest - orchestra

    i hope orchestral parts and full score(with strings and percussion)will also available soon. band music is not enough for people to appreciate orchestral music! so why only band music to start with?<br /><br />please.

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