Folder Free Camp Fire Songs and Lyrics

Song sheets and lyrics of popular campfire songs including, where possible, the guitar chords that go with them.


Folder Alice The Camel
Folder Baby Bumblebee
Folder Coming Round The Mountain
Folder Eating Goober Peas
Folder Hey Mom I Want To Go Home
Folder If You're Happy And You Know It
Folder It's A Small World After All
Folder John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Folder Kum Ba Yah
Folder My Country 'Tis Of Thee
Folder Oh It Ain't Gonna Rain No More
Folder Pop Goes The Weasel
Folder The Bear Song
Folder The Farmer In The Dell
Folder The Grand Old Duke of York


Toggle Title Date Download
default Alice The Camel (793 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 620 KB)
default Eating Goober Peas (752 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 223 KB)
default Hey Mom I Wanna Go Home (774 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 250 KB)
default If You're Happy And You Know It (749 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 14 KB)
default John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (789 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 40 KB)
default Kum Bah Yah Voice (791 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 10 KB)
default Oh It Ain't Gonna Rain No More (895 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 23 KB)
default Over The River And Through The Woods Voice (821 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 15 KB)
default Skip To My Lou Voice Or Guitar Notation (787 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 10 KB)
default The Farmer In The Dell (821 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 49 KB)

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