Composed in the mid 1800's as an African American spiritual song Go Tell It On The Mountain crosses boundaries between seasonal Christmas carol music and sacred church music used in many weekly services.  The free sheet music provided here is available for all common concert band and orchestra instruments and is written to be as easy as possible to allow even young musicians to perform it.


Go Tell It On The Mountain has taken many different forms over the years, being recorded by dozens of different artists, each placing their own unique style.  The most popular of these renditions is an arrangement by the 60's group Peter Paul and Mary who rewrote the lyrics into a popular civil rights song with a similar title.

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Free Sheet Music To Go Tell It On The Mountain

Go Tell It On The MountainGo Tell It On The Mountain

Lyrics to Go Tell It On The Mountain

Go, tell it on the mountain,
That Jesus Christ is born.

The shepherds feared and trembled
When low above the earth,
Rang out the angels chorus
That hailed our Savior's birth.


While shepherds kept their watching
o'er silent flocks by night,
Behold, throughout the heavens
There shone a holy light


And lo! When they had heard it,
They all bowed down to pray,
Then travelled on together,
To where the Baby lay.


Down in a lowly manger
The humble Christ was born
And God sent us salvation
That blessed Christmas mo--rn.



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