trumpetThe Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke is one of the most often used instrumental pieces of music in weddings around the world.  It's melody is very familiar and surprisingly easy to play on almost any instrument.  This document contains the free sheet music to this classical selection. 

Jeremiah Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary is often misattributed to another computer named Henry Purcell .  In truth, the trumpet voluntary that has become so popular for use in wedding processions was first published in 1700 by Clarke under the title "The Prince of Denmark's March."  In some circles it is debated as to whether Purcell ever wrote a trumpet voluntary at all, yet to this day many people attribute the familiar wedding song to him rather than to Clarke.

Various debates about the origins of the song and its original format abound.  Some believe that the piece was originally written for organ with the trumpet "stop" turned on.  More likely is that it was originally written for harpsichord and later adapted to the many different forms it is found in today. 

The free sheet music files below contain the main melody to Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary only.  There are no harmony parts in this file.  Parts are available for all common concert band instruments with the exception of drums. Parts are provided in Sibelius 5 SIB format as well as in Adobe PDF format.


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Trumpet VoluntaryTrumpet Voluntary

1Trumpet Voluntary-TubaTrumpet Voluntary-Tuba46.93 KB3287 times
2Trumpet Voluntary-TrumpetinBbTrumpet Voluntary-TrumpetinBb46.57 KB4098 times
3Trumpet Voluntary-TromboneBaritoneTrumpet Voluntary-TromboneBaritone46.58 KB3124 times
4Trumpet Voluntary-TenorSaxophoneTrumpet Voluntary-TenorSaxophone46.94 KB2964 times
5Trumpet Voluntary-HorninFTrumpet Voluntary-HorninF46.57 KB2998 times
6Trumpet Voluntary-FluteOboeTrumpet Voluntary-FluteOboe46.64 KB3247 times
7Trumpet Voluntary-ClarinetinBbTrumpet Voluntary-ClarinetinBb46.41 KB3135 times
8Trumpet Voluntary-AltoSaxophoneTrumpet Voluntary-AltoSaxophone46.75 KB3029 times
9Trumpet Voluntary ScoreTrumpet Voluntary Score37.24 KB3313 times
10Trumpet Voluntary - TubaTrumpet Voluntary - Tuba17.2 KB2476 times
11Trumpet Voluntary - Trumpet In BbTrumpet Voluntary - Trumpet In Bb19.12 KB3537 times
12Trumpet Voluntary - Trombone BaritoneTrumpet Voluntary - Trombone Baritone16.7 KB2441 times
13Trumpet Voluntary - Tenor SaxophoneTrumpet Voluntary - Tenor Saxophone17.4 KB2470 times
14Trumpet Voluntary - Horn In FTrumpet Voluntary - Horn In F16.96 KB2449 times
15Trumpet Voluntary - Flute OboeTrumpet Voluntary - Flute Oboe17.23 KB2574 times
16Trumpet Voluntary - Clarinet In BbTrumpet Voluntary - Clarinet In Bb19.17 KB2626 times
17Trumpet Voluntary - Alto SaxophoneTrumpet Voluntary - Alto Saxophone16.84 KB2551 times
18Trumpet VoluntaryTrumpet Voluntary52.77 KB4038 times

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