Adopted as the so-called theme song of the California gold rush, Oh, Susanna is one of the most recognized of all American folk songs. Written in 1847 by Stephen Foster, it later became a very popular song that is still sung today in classrooms across the world. This document contains links to sheet music for the song in PDF and Sibelius SIB formats for all common concert band instruments as well as voice.

Stephen Foster was arguably one of the United States first great composers. His compositions became some of the most recognized and often played tunes of the middle and late 1800's, and Oh, Susanna was one of the most popular. Written as a blackface minstrel song, Oh, Susanna's original lyrics are very heavily laden with what some would call southern drawl. In this pre-civil war time period, Foster's lyrics were designed not to exude the positive qualities of the African Americans, but instead played into the accepted stereotype at the time of a slow, unintelligent "Uncle Tom."

Additional Information and Sheet Music Resources For Oh Susanna

In an excellent Flash based presentation PBS's American Experience has provided a great resource both for educators and for individuals that want to learn more about Foster and the travelling minstrel shows. Also included on the site is an audio recording of Oh, Susanna. At Wikipedia you can learn more about Foster and about Oh Susanna by visiting dozens of other related links about the composer and his repertoire.

You can view the full score of the song and listen to it using the Sibelius Scorch viewer below (requires a plugin from the Sibelius web site). You can also download the individual parts using the links farther down on this page.


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Oh SusannaOh Susanna

1Oh Susanna VoiceOh Susanna Voice11.72 KB2924 times
2Oh Susanna VoiceOh Susanna Voice18.78 KB2918 times
3Oh Susanna TubaOh Susanna Tuba10.29 KB2437 times
4Oh Susanna TubaOh Susanna Tuba17.9 KB2808 times
5Oh Susanna TrumpetOh Susanna Trumpet11.37 KB2402 times
6Oh Susanna TrumpetOh Susanna Trumpet17.91 KB2786 times
7Oh Susanna TromboneOh Susanna Trombone9.91 KB2254 times
8Oh Susanna TromboneOh Susanna Trombone17.85 KB2791 times
9Oh Susanna ScoreOh Susanna Score24.85 KB2761 times
10Oh Susanna ScoreOh Susanna Score19.8 KB2865 times
11Oh Susanna Horn In FOh Susanna Horn In F10.06 KB2184 times
12Oh Susanna Horn In FOh Susanna Horn In F17.85 KB2583 times
13Oh Susanna FluteOh Susanna Flute10.08 KB2455 times
14Oh Susanna FluteOh Susanna Flute17.86 KB2719 times
15Oh Susanna ClarinetOh Susanna Clarinet11.38 KB2605 times
16Oh Susanna ClarinetOh Susanna Clarinet17.9 KB2807 times
17Oh Susanna Alto SaxophoneOh Susanna Alto Saxophone10.14 KB2565 times
18Oh Susanna Alto SaxophoneOh Susanna Alto Saxophone17.86 KB2752 times


The lyrics (words) to Oh, Susanna! :

Oh I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee,
I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see
It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death; Susanna, don't you cry.

Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me
For I come from Alabama,
With my banjo on my knee.

I had a dream the other night when everything was still,
I thought I saw Susanna coming up the hill,
The buckwheat cake was in her mouth, the tear was in her eye,
I said I'm coming from Dixieland, Susanna don't you cry.


I soon will be in New Orleans
And then I'll look around
And when I find my gal Susanne,
I'll fall upon the ground.

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