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Ah, good old Alice the Camel.  A classic children's song if there ever was one.  Sung around campfires and in classrooms alike it is one of the most well known children's songs around.  For the actual sheet music to this song and an MP3 audio file of the melody scroll down to the bottom of the page.  

Video and Sheet Music for Alice The Camel

For more information about good old Alice or for some simplified guitar chords other than the ones included with the sheet music we provide here at MusicEdMagic you can take a look at some beginner guitar tabs of Alice The Camel over at  You can also watch a YouTube video of Alice The Camel as performed by the folks over at Children Love To Sing.

The sheet music provided below is also provided as an MP3 audio file and a Finale format music notation file.  If you own a copy of or have access to a copy of the Finale music notation software you can use the MUS file to make changes as needed for your particular situation.


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ContractAlice The CamelAlice The Camel

1AliceTheCamel-TubaAliceTheCamel-Tuba100.73 KB1899 times
2AliceTheCamel-TrumpetAliceTheCamel-Trumpet100.01 KB1775 times
3AliceTheCamel-TromboneAliceTheCamel-Trombone98.83 KB1812 times
4AliceTheCamel-TenorSaxAliceTheCamel-TenorSax100.86 KB1710 times
5AliceTheCamel-OboeAliceTheCamel-Oboe100.16 KB1635 times
6AliceTheCamel-FrenchHornAliceTheCamel-FrenchHorn100.08 KB1757 times
7AliceTheCamel-ClarinetAliceTheCamel-Clarinet100.05 KB1712 times
8AliceTheCamel-BassoonAliceTheCamel-Bassoon98.79 KB1717 times
9AliceTheCamel-BaritoneEuphoniumAliceTheCamel-BaritoneEuphonium99.19 KB1761 times
10AliceTheCamel-AltoSaxAliceTheCamel-AltoSax101.14 KB1754 times
11Alice The Camel-VoiceAlice The Camel-Voice620.12 KB1991 times
12Alice The Camel- MP3 Audio FileAlice The Camel- MP3 Audio File363.67 KB1661 times
13Alice The Camel- Finale Music Notation FileAlice The Camel- Finale Music Notation File262.87 KB2457 times
14Alice The CamelAlice The Camel590 Bytes2292 times
15Alice The CamelAlice The Camel28.34 KB2158 times

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