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Roland's line of CD based digital audio recorders has a long history of solid quality and many useful features.  The new Roland CD-2i digital audio recorder shares a very similar visual design to it's predecessor, the CD-2e but replaces the old slot loading CD drive with a tray based drive and a greatly improved navigation system including larger, illuminated buttons.  Still, the CD-2i remains a mostly practice and rehearsal oriented recording and playback device due to some missing features that are describe lower in this review.  Selling for around $600 at retail, the Roland CD-2i has a mid-range price tag for this type of table top digital audio recording device but is it worth the money? 

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Major Features of the CD-2i:

  • Tray loading CD burner
  • Supports SDHC media cards
  • Quickly transfer music from SD to CD
  • Built in internal mics
  • Phantom power for external XLR mics
  • Karaoke mode
  • Large, illuminated buttons
  • Easy navigation and customization of settings


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