Yamaha PocketTrak C24 Review

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The Yamaha PockeTrak C24 Digital Audio RecorderSeveral years ago when Yamaha first introduced the PockeTrak series of digital audio recorders I was both impressed and dissapointed.  The PockeTrak 2G was a very innovative product with lots of great features but at the same time it seemed rather cheaply made.  Fast forward to 2010 and Yamaha has learned well from their mistakes of models past.  The new Yamaha PockeTrak C24 is a grown up sibling to the 2G that fixes most of the complaints and adds new features to make it even more appealing to musicians and educators alike while still remaining an ultra-portable hand held digital audio recorder that is easy to use.

Superscope PSD450 Audio CD Burner and Recorder Review

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Smaller is not always better, especially when it comes to being able to provide a large set of features and capabilities to the user.  In the arena of portable audio recorders, it is often the hand held units that get the most press, but larger audio CD recorders like the Superscope PSD450 can do far more than any handheld unit can.  I took the Superscope PSD450 on a test drive through a week of classes and rehearsals and discovered that this classic workhorse of a recording system has been fully updated for the digital age.  Is it worth the high price tag though?  Read on to find out.

Boss BR-80 Multi Track Digital Recorder

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Boss BR-80 Digital Audio Recorder ImageThe Boss BR-80 Digital Recorder fills a very useful niche in the portable digital audio recorder market.  Unlike most of the other recorders on the market that fall into its price range the BR-80 offers true 8 track recording and throws in dozens of background rhythms and special audio effects in as icing on the cake.  Users can make use of the two built in microphones or they can plug in their guitar or other unbalanced audio source to record from.

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