Perhaps one of the most prized works for wind band ever written, Mozart's Gran Partita (Serenade No. 10 in B-Flat Major), has been reprinted with stunning facsimiles of the original manuscripts from Mozart's hand.  Now anyone can own this little piece of music history either as a study aid or as a gift for a true music connoisseur

With a very well written and footnoted introduction by German musicologist Alfred Einstein (circa 1940), this full size, hard cover edition of the Gran Partita is a reprinting of the 1976 printing by the Library Of Congress.  In 2006, the American Bandmaster's Association (ABA) commissioned a second printing with the help of GIA Publications, a noted publisher of music and music education materials. 

While this beautiful edition of the Gran Partita is not something that a person will find on every coffee table it is, nonetheless, an important and interesting piece of music history.  Being able to  flip through the pages of the manuscript, flourished with Mozart's own handwriting and notations, gives one pause to think of the incredible talent that went in to the creation of each chord and melodic line.  This edition is an excellent gift idea for the amateur or professional classical musician, and makes a stunning conversation piece even for those that are not musically minded.

For more information about Mozart consider visiting the Interactive Composer Database here at MusicEdMagic.  You may also wish to hear the Gran Partita being performed.  You can listen to it in a very well produced YouTube video by clicking the image below.

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