red lightThe ultimate punishment that can be written into a trip conduct code is to send the person home early.  But before taking this step you must make sure that you are protected from liability.  This article seeks to help you set up a conduct policy and make it work.

{mosimage}Overseas vs. Domestic Trips

The ultimate punishment that can be written into a trip conduct code is to send the person home early. I have personally taken students to the airport just hours after finding out that they have broken one of the most significant rules. The ticket home cost the student's family over $600 each, and yes, the family DID pay for it when they got home. It sent a very stong signal to the rest of the group, and since then I have never had another problem on any other trip. In my opinion, this is the ideal way to handle things if the need arises. If you are out of the country, however, this may not be the best option especially if the flight is not a direct flight to your home destination. Also, a one way transcontinental ticket would be much worse than the $600 example stated above. If the family refuses to pay you may not have any viable recourse.

In such a case, it might be better to have a couple of options at your disposal. One would be to place the participant on hotel arrest for the remainder of the trip. Unfortunately this would also mean that one of your chaperones would have to stay behind and miss all of the remaining activities on the trip. A second option would be to have a chaperone accompany the student home on the flight if it is determined that there is no other option than to send the student home. In either case you have to have a chaperone that has agreed in advance to be assigned this undesirable duty if the need arises. Usually if this happens, the adult would have at least part of their trip fees refunded once you return home (either paid for by your organization or by the student's family).

Dealing with these issues is never a fun task, however, having a well thought out plan that the participants and their parents agree to limits your liability and your stress.

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