CD Player Everyone likes getting something for free, and the allure of finding free, legal music downloads is very powerful.  Unfortunately the vast majority of sites that promise unlimited music downloads are not free, and the legalities of using such services are gray at best.  There are ways to find free and legal music downloads, but sifting through the hundreds of scams and malware sites can take hours or days.  The suggestions shown below will help Internet music lovers find reputable, reliable free music download web sites. 

Beware of Any Site That Promises Free Unlimited Music Downloads

A simple search for free unlimited music downloads returns thousands of web sites.  In clicking through the first few pages of results most users will discover that almost all of these sites are not free sites, and in digging a little deeper most require monthly or annual subscription fees.  While the fees on some sites are not incredibly high (as little as $35 for an entire year of unlimited access to thousands of music files), a person has to wonder about whether such low cost sites are truly legal or simply skirting along the edge of the copyright law.  Always do additional research on a web site before signing up.  Reading reviews written by web site customers (or disgruntled ex-customers) can tell a lot about how likely it is that the site is truly the best buy.


Legal Unlimited Music Download Sites

That having been said, there are some services that provide unlimited music downloads and are totally safe, secure, and very well done.  One of these is the legendary Napster Music Service.  After being resurrected from legal oblivion several years ago Napster has returned as one of the best and most reliable places for internet music downloads.  For around $13 a month a Napster user has true unlimited music download access with the caveat that once the user cancels his or her account the music can no longer be played.  Users can, however, purchase music tracks outright and those tracks are legal to play even if the master Napster subscription expires.

Other major players in the legal, unlimited music download category include the Internet giant Yahoo!  Yahoo Music provides a subscription service similar to Napster's that provides access to unlimited downloads for only $6 a month if a full year subscription is purchased at one time.  Yahoo Music is also one of very few sites that provide legal free lyrics to almost all of the songs they provide in their database.  Best of all, Yahoo has recently started providing DRM free downloads, allowing users to move music files from device to device without any copy protection. 

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