iPod NanoMost MP3 players, with the notable exception of the iPod, will work directly with the sync capability of Microsoft's Media Player software to allow a user to upload and manage music and other media files on the device. When used with an MP3 player set to MTP mode Media Player can download any file including DRM protected files directly to the MP3 player or other portable device. The catch is that using MS Media Player to download music to an MP3 player is not as easy to figure out as Microsoft might think. Use this guide to learn how to do it.

Download Music To MP3 Players: Hooking Up

Run Microsoft Media Player and click on the sync tab. Next plug in the MP3 player using the player's built in USB connection. Once the device is recognized by the computer the MP3 player should show up as a selection in the top right corner of the window. If for some reason the device is not recognized make sure that the MP3 player is set correctly. Some MP3 players have different file storage modes (see the first part of this article for more details ).

Selecting Files To Be Synced To The MP3 Player

Before going any farther click the Library tab and create a new playlist filled with any music that is to be transferred.  Simply navigate through the music library, right clicking on files that are to be downloaded and click the "Add To Playlist" button.  Once the playlist is filled return to the Sync tab and click/drag the new playlist from the left column to the far right column under the picture of the MP3 player.

Downloading The Music To The MP3 Player

Once a playlist has been created and dragged into the right hand column of the sync tab of the MS Media Player window all that remains is to start the sync. Depending on the amount of files to be syncronized this may take a few seconds or several minutes. Any DRM protected files will also have their related licenses transferred to the device. Downloading files to an MP3 player is very easy when compared to burning a CD .  Once the transfer has completed simply unplug the MP3 Player and get ready to listen to some tunes!

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