The noise cancelling earbuds detailed on this page are the highest rated earbud style headphones available as rated by professional reviewers and consumers on various online retail sites.

It should be noted that while noise cancelling earbuds are adequate for most users, some may wish to explore alternatives such as noise isolating earbuds (as detailed in a related chart here at MusicEdMagic).  Noise cancelling earbuds and headphones are often preferred by travellers for their ability to filter out ambient noise such as the drone of an airplane's engines.  Noise isolating earbuds are often preferred by people who work in excessively noisy environments or who want to wear earbuds while doing loud chores such as mowing the lawn.





Sony MDR-NC22
Pricing Information  
Amazon Rating (rounded up)  
Interchangable Ear Tips Included S/M/L
Yes Yes  
Reduces background noise by up to
20db / 85%
75% 80%  
Battery required
1x AAA - included
1x- AAA
1x-AAA included
Included accessories
additional features
headphone extension cord,
carry case, airplane plug adapter
mute switch, airplane plug adapter
airplane plug adapter, carry case
Color Black Silver/Black Black  


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