Band Nerds Book Cover Image Band members are like a family, and all members of that family regardless of where or when they grew up share similar memories about the years spent with their friends and collegues in the school band.  DJ Corchin takes many of these all too familiar situations and sets them to verse in a funny, light-hearted look at the life and experiences of a true Band Nerd. 

In Band Nerds:  Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player , DJ Corchin narrates events spanning all levels of the instrumental music experience.  From beginning band to the semi-professional ranks of Drum Corps and from learning the trumpet to refusing to learn the bassoon, his poems are funny, heartfelt, and timeless.  Illustrations by Dan Dougherty compliment the 129 pages of verse and help to bring the stories alive. 


The thing that makes Band Nerds so much fun to read is the familiarity of the stories.  While they are all recollections from Corchin's earlier life, they are all so remeniscent of the events that every dedicated band member has had during their youth.  Such events as band trips , learning new instruments, and the occasional crush on that cute band member from across the room inspire the recollection  of the reader's own personal memories of that time in our lives that we all wish we could get back.

Band Nerds: Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player is available on and is published by phazlFOZ Co. Inc. 

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