It used to be that a person would carry around multiple devices to practice their instrument or to teach a music class. Things like a metronome, a digital audio recorder, a tuner, etc. are all essential parts of a musicians arsenal. With the introduction of the iPhone and iPad you can get rid of all of those individual devices but yet many people still wind up buying a different app for each of those independent needs. Enter APS MusicMaster Pro, an iPad app that combines everything you need into one multi-purpose application. The brainchild of Joeseph Pisano of Grove City College, APS MusicMaster Pro combines not just the three devices mentioned previously but a total of ten different useful music education tools.


  • APS MusicMaster Pro combines all of these apps into one integrated interface:
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Metronome
  • Audio recorder
  • Stopwatch
  • Music term glossary
  • Sheet music and PDF viewer
  • Note taking app
  • Calendar app
  • Web browser
  • Audio based circle of fifths

Cool Stuff:

  • Having everything in one place is very convenient
  • Each sub-app has links to the note taking app allowing you to jot down notes regardless of what you are doing at the time.
  • Tons of information all in one place. Store documents and sheet music for a variety of gigs all in one place. A very useful utility for school based iPad music classes.
  • Quickly send recordings via email to a teacher or parent.

Wish List:

  • No AirPrint support for notebook or PDF’s
  • Help documents need hyperlinks to move between sections
  • Being able to record video as well as audio would be a nice addition during practices for some students.
  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    With so many different sub-apps built into this program it would be easy to “cheat” one or two of them yet all feel and respond as though a lot of thought and care have been given to how they work and how a musician will use them. The main sub-apps like the tuner have all of the features that you might expect including calibration and audio playback of pitches. The metronome allows for 1 to 8 beat patterns and has five handy preset buttons that can be set by the user.<br /><br />The audio recording capabilities of the app are actually quite nice, using the large iPad screen to fit in large buttons and a scrolling track list with the ability to email recordings at the touch of a button using the iPad’s default email services. Recordings can be made in three different audio quality levels all of which are acceptable for most rehearsal situations. Also included is a stopwatch app which works with the audio recording app to not only record but also time practice sessions and other events.<br /><br />The glossary section includes PDF images of Conn-Selmer fingering charts, transposition charts, a brief music terms definition list, and other useful music theory oriented documents. Alongside this is the Score PDF portion of the app which serves as a digital sheet music reader as well as a repository for other documents like seating charts, marching band drill sheets, and any other PDF formatted document. Files can be added through the web browser sub-app by saving the page as a PDF file. Once in the system users can do basic notations over the PDF images using different colored highlighters and pen widths.<br /><br />Overall APS MusicMaster Pro is a very useful jack of all trades for musicians to have available especially in a school 1-1 iPad setting. Having everything under one app rather than scattered around the pages of your iPad is very handy. While all of the apps are very basic in terms of overall features the app has a lot of potential if new features and improvements on the old ones are added going forward. For the amateur or professional musician APS MusicMaster Pro is worth the investment.

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