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The Music Education Minute

Short 3-10 minute video podcasts focusing on individual topics related to music education, technology, software, iPad apps, and general topics of interest to musicians, teachers, and the general public.

Plickers For Assessing The Music Ed Classroom- MusicEdMin E021

Demonstrating the use of Plicker cards in the classroom and providing some tips on how to use them more effectively.


Remo SilentStroke Drum Heads- MusicEdMin E019

Taking a look at the Remo SilentStroke Drum Heads, an incredibly quiet but realistic feeling drumhead alternative that is very quiet and all around perfect for home use.


Voice Amplification In The Music Classroom- MusicEdMin E020

Check out two different options for wireless voice amplification systems to use in your classroom or anywhere that you want to preserve the health of your vocal chords.


EarMaster Pro Ear Training Software Review- MusicEdMin E017

A review of EarMaster Pro 6 for Windows and Mac. A computer based ear training tool to help you build your musical skills.


StaffWars Live Review for iOS-MusicEdMin E018

A hands on review of StaffWars Live for iOS. A music instrument fingering training app that listens to you as you play notes on the screen, turning memorizing fingerings into a fun game.


Social Media and Organization Apps For Music Teachers- MusicEdMin E016

This month we welcome Andy Zweibel as guest host for the Music Ed Monthly Podcast. Andy recently presented a session at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic on the topic of social media and other organization apps that are of use to band, choir, and orchestra directors and he recaps that session here on the podcast. Also included is the news of the week and new tech gadgets coming down the pipe.

Also, my apologies in advance for the slight echo on Andy's audio. We couldn't hear it during the recording session and only noticed it after we had finished.


PercussionSS for iPad- MEMin E015

Lets take a look at the apps PercussionSS and PercussionSS2, virtual instrument apps that let you play some exotic (and not so exotic) percussion instruments with realistic sounds.


iThe Best iPad Mirroring Apps for PC and Mac-MEdMin E014

Tonight I am taking a look at several different options for streaming iPad or iPhone screen to a computer along with the audio. Included in the roundup are my personal favorite Mirroring360 as well as AirServer, Reflector, and hardware based options like Apple AV cables and the Apple TV streaming box.


Music Education Monthly With Guest Host Chris Russell- MEdMin E013

A long form music education and technology podcast with Chad Criswell, national music technology writer for NAfME's Teaching Music Magazine and guest host and music technology clinician Chris Russell of Oltman Middle School in St. Paul, MN. Included in this episode are lots of cool new Bluetooth MIDI devices, big announcements from SmartMusic as they relate to the Chromebook platform, and lots of cool new music education apps for iOS, PC, and Mac.

SmartMusic is coming to the Chromebook, Bluetooth MIDI devices are coming to take over your music classroom, and we’ve got a new crop of cool apps and software programs for you to use in your classroom this fall. It’s time for the Music Education Monthly!

-Welcome, introduce self, and what the podcast is about
-Introduce Chris Russell, Choir Director at Oltman Middle School in St. Paul Park, MN, and author of
-Met at several different MEA conferences over the years as presenters

MakeMusic Buys Weezic - SmartMusic coming to Chromebooks?
MakeMusic Gives away MusicXML?
Bluetooth MIDI (XKey campaign)
New versions of forScore and Notion for iOS
iOS 9 coming with new multi-tasking features

NEW TOOLS AND APPS (because of your background maybe focus on mobile devices?)
Scanning software (NotateMe, PhotoScore, AudioScore, SmartScore, etc)
JamStik+ and Hal Leonard agreement
Staff Pad for Windows Surface Pro

Mirroring360 from Splashtop - Show iPad on computer screen or projector w/out AppleTV
Apple TV 3rd Generation - Mirror iPad without wi-fi

Fred’s letter asking for music notation system recommendation for retired choral director


Staff Wars Note ID Trainer for iOS- MEMin 012

Staff Wars for the iPad doesn't listen to you play your instrument like the desktop version does but it does do a great job at challenging music students to learn the names of their notes, and fast! Check out this quick review of Staff Wars from


Staff Wars Two Instrument Fingering Trainer for PC and Mac- MEDMin 011

Introducing the best instrument fingering training app you could possibly use for your band or orchestra students, Staff Wars 2! Your music students play the notes that appear on the screen to earn points and save the universe, what could be more fun?


InTune Ear Training App for iOS- MEMin 010

A quick run down of the InTune ear training app for iOS. It's an iPhone app actually but it runs just fine on the ipad as you will see. It helps you train your ear to discern the difference between two pitches. Excellent for helping people train up their ears to tell if they are sharp or flat.


Ningenius Music Theory App for iPad- MEMin 009

A hands on demo and interview with the inventors of the NinGenius app for iPad, a cool, fun new way to let your music students learn note names and instrument fingerings.


Recording With AudioScore 8 Ultimate- Review MEMin 007

A down and dirty look and quick review of Neuratron's AudioScore 8 audio transcription software. It allows you to play an instrument into the mic or through MIDI and will transcribe it out, turning it into plain old music notation that can be exported out for use in your favorite music notation software program.

Check out my full written review at the link below on


SmartMusic On The Chromebook! MEMin 006

If you have been wishing for a version of SmartMusic that works on the Chromebook platform your prayers may have just been answered! MakeMusic just made a big purchase of a French company called Weezic and the results will be awesome!


The Sound Torch! MEMin 005

Have a look at the fully funded Kickstarter project called The Sound Torch. Cool! Hot! Call it whatever you want to but it's definitely not going to be a replacement speaker for your music classroom any time soon.


Review of NotateMe and NotateMe Now for iPad and iPhone MEMin 004

Check out this review of NotateMe a music notation app for iOS and Android that lets you draw music notes like you would on paper and the app automatically transcribes it into fully functional digital music notation that can be exported to MIDI, MusicXML, or PDF. Plus as a bonus it does a great job of scanning music into the system just by snapping a photo with your device's camera.


TonalEnergy Tuner App Review for iOS and Android MEMin 003

If you are using a tuner app other than TonalEnergy then you are using the WRONG app! TonalEnergy is the perfect chromatic tuning app for any musician and especially for music teachers. Check out the review and see what you're missing!


Top Three FREE Music Notation Software Programs MEMin 002

A quick review of the top three contenders for free music notation software programs for Mac and PC. The review includes a look at software such as MusInk, Finale Notepad, and MuseScore.


PracticeFirst App Review- Online Music Assessment App MEMin 001

This is a quick hands on review of the pre-release version of PracticeFirst, a new online music performance and assessment tool that will be available in the coming months from PracticeFirst is a cool music education centered tool that listens to a student's performance and gives visual feedback in terms of pitch, rhythm, and overall accuracy of what they play. Best of all it is cross platform compatible so it works on Mac, PC, and Chrome as well as some Android devices. Strangely though I couldn't get it to load on my iOS devices...

To give it a try on your own device go over to


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