The MusicReader Solo Pro is a software based music presentation system for Windows based computers. In a similar style to the hardware based MusicPad Pro the MusicReader provides any user with a Windows machine to catalog and work with digitized sheet music files for use in a classroom or in a performance setting.

Features of the MusicReader Solo Basic and Solo Pro:

The MusicReader Solo Basic and MusicReader Solo Pro differ only in a small number of features. Both versions provide the ability to zoom, do half page turns, browse, search, and make annotations in the music. The Pro version adds a software based metronome and tuner as well as the ability to play music files and CD audio.


Pricing and Value of the MusicReader Software:

Priced at just $59 for the basic and $99 for the pro version, the MusicReader is obviously in direct competition with the MusicPad line of products from Freehand Systems. But where Freehand chose to provide a hardware only option with a much greater financial investment, the MusicReader provides most of the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. The caveat to this lower price tag however is the lack of any hardware. The MusicReader software must be loaded onto an existing computer and that computer is also used to display the files during performance. When used on a lightweight laptop this problem is slightly less noticible but still much more of a logistical hinderance than the more diminutive MusicPads.

Limitations of the MusicReader Software:

The MusicReader program does not have the ability to directly import from Sibelius or Finale music notation programs. Instead users must either scan music directly into the program or print from Sibelius or Finale into the MusicReader software using a special (provided) printer driver.

The MusicReader software is offered as a free, time limited demo which provides the user with access to all of the programs features. Additional accessories such as foot pedals (for easily turning pages) and portable laptop stands are also available for purchase through the same web site.

Screenshots courtesy of the MusicReader Web Site.

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