Mozart 9 is a useful and competent music notation software program by a developer named David Weber.  The software is a fairly popular alternative to the more expensive (and fully featured) offerings from Sibelius and Finale.  Mozart is still very functional, and some users will find it easier to use than the other alternatives.

Mozart 9 provides users with a large list of templates from which to construct musical compositions.  All of the major ensemble types are included as well as many specialized or regional ensembles such as Crumbhorn Quartets.  The interface is rather spartan, but this can be a benefit as well as a hinderance.  All of the needed buttons to edit the music are available at all times without having to search through lengthy menus.  Notehead shapes are easily changed with a simple click of the mouse.  All of the basic necessities are included such as stem direction, mordents, glissandi, triplets, etc.

While Mozart Music 9 is not as fully featured or visually stunning as its competitors it does provide a great deal of versatility at a much lower overall price tag.  Those that are interested should download the free thirty day trial version of the software from the Mozart web site.


  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    No real person to person support options (other than forum based support) knock down the overall score of this music notation software package as does the lack of Music XML export support or the ability to save the files as anything other than MIDI.<br /><br />Still, while not as polished as the big boys it provides users with plenty of bang for their buck. Mozart Music 9 also provides users with the ability to publish their scores online to visitors that choose to download and install the free Mozart Player. This free software package (PC only) allows users without Mozart 9 on their computer to open, play, and print files produced by other Mozart users. <br /><br />In general the program certainly does what is expected of it, but it does so in a slightly less intuitive way than other products. While most individuals would be able to get the hang of Mozart Music 9, raw beginners and younger music students may be overwhelmed by the learning curve.

  • Guest - Henry Higgins

    Very good program, especially for the beginner.

  • Guest - Matija


  • Guest - Jon McNamara

    I've been using Mozart for many years (from about version 4 or 5) for various musical tasks from setting music for a group of players to creating clear clean copy for publishing. I have never found the program wanting and consider it totally brilliant at the price. I love the fact that I am not spending wads of money buying features that confuse me, slow the program down - and that I'll never want to use (and if I really do - well I'll go buy the expensive program!). Support is excellent both by the forum and also by personal email to the program author, Dave Webber - who often provides just the piece of information I need - almost by return of email! On one occasion, I reported a minor problem that was causing me aggro - and it was sorted and solved with an update patch in less than 24 hours - stunning service.<br /><br />This is the one computer program that I've ranted and raved about for years, and it simply gets better and better at what it does ... it also doesn't have new "functions" forced on it to the detriment of my pocket or ability to work with it - I'd recommend Mozart, without any reservations, to anyone who will listen. If all computer programs were as trouble free as Mozart the world would be a wonderful place!<br />Jon McNamara

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