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A new entry into the music notation software arena, MuseScore is an open source, free music editor that sports many nice features previously found only on commercial music notation products.

MuseScore is a very flexible and full featured music editor that promises to be a strong replacement to the now non-free Finale Notepad.  Of course, free isn't always perfect, but the promise of this being an open source software product mean that in the future MuseScore could be to music notation what OpenOffice now is to Microsoft Word.

Open Source Music Notation Formats Supported:

Providing support for both MusicXML import and MusicXML export as well as beta support of the open source Lilypond music notation format , MuseScore provides access to many free libraries of sheet music such as the Mutopia Project and others that the major commercial products (Sibelius and Finale) do not.

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  • Guest - John Heavner

    I have been pleasantly surprised by MuseScore. It's not as polished as Finale PrintMusic (which I've been usign), but the GUI has been well thought out. I whipped out an arrangement of Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On" this week for Piano/Bass/Drums/Guitar/Alto 1/Alto 2, and it turned out nicely. I did the whole thing using mouse input in about 2 1/2 hours! I have tried the Linux, Mac & Windows version. The Linux version has trouble interpreting the code from arrangements I've done in Windows, but the Mac seems OK with it. Can't get the sound to work in Linux, but then, I'm no Linux expert.<br /><br />The onscreen navigation usually works like you think it should. Highlight a note and hit "s" to create a slur; hit "+" to tie them together. Click a note, scrub it up and down the staff to change pitch; it all makes sense. Once you get used to the keyboard shortcuts, entering notes via keyboard is faster than the mouse.<br /><br />No, it's not perfect, but it's free. What's more important is what it *could be*. If someone set up a website, hundreds of thousands of us could start sharing arrangements and lead sheets. If you're like me, you only use 50% of Finale's capabilities anyway. MuseScore has that 50%.<br /><br />I've made my first donation, and I'll no doubt make more. The MuseScore team has a winner here.

  • Guest - Michael Allen

    Coming from Finale Notepad, I, too, was a little let down when MuseScore would only play using piano sounds only. But, I then loaded MuseScore onto my Linux box running Ubuntu. WOW! I have over 100 different instruments there. We have to remember that MuseScore is ported to Windows and Mac and runs best on the system in which it was programmed. I am now much impressed with MuseScore and especially like the ability to compose on one machine and then play it on another.<br />

  • Guest - this is a truthful review

    it does not alow diffret number of beats on the same bar. for instance- in a treble clef, you cant put an fas a half note, and an a as a quarter.:sad:

  • Guest - Alex

    Great software and easy use one thing it does not include is a guitar tab system

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