UseOnlineVtunerIt's rare that I perform at a venue with an ensemble that doesn't include a keyboard, but this happened last Saturday. I was hired to play guitar for a wedding with a violin and cello. I grabbed my case that had my portable chromatic tuner thinking that everything would be fine. Well.......It wasn't.



When I finally set up and let my guitar get accustom to the climate of the venue. I realized that my chromatic tuner batteries had died. (I should have checked it before I left, but that's for another blog post).
I grabbed my Macbook and did a frantic search for free online tuners. I selected the first entry and was very impressed at the ease and simplicity of a web 2.0 online interactive app at a site called, GET-TUNED.COM.
The tuner is located at:
Just click the string on the guitar graphic and listen. It's really as easy as that.
Other instrument tuners can be chosen from this site such as: Balalaika Banjo Bass GuitarCello

Dulcimer Harmonica Mandolin Ukulele Violin and Viola.

I let the other musicians use this site to tune and they loved it.

Good Gigging!

Larry Marra


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