Why is the Flute the best woodwind instrument to learn?

Woodwind instruments are easier to learn than string instruments or keyboard because pupils can make progress quicker on them  and are able to learn three notes in the first lesson.

Advantages Associated With Playing The Flute

The flute in particular has a number of advantages in its favour.  It is one of the oldest woodwind instruments, and has existed for hundreds of years.  its development therefore, has cultivated to its finest form and exists in alto and bass forms also, as well as being related closely to the piccolo.  Firstly, it is popular and so long as the pupil can grasp the concept of its embouchure , a good sound is possible almost immediately.  Secondly, the notes are the same as the recorder - possibly the first instrument that is taught during childhood and therefore they can identify with this as the fingering is the same.  Thirdly, by correctly overblowing, the notes are exactly the same but sound an octave higher, so the relationship between the first and second octaves is easier to remember whereas in the clarinet they are totaly different.  The notation is written in the treble clef whereas the bassoon is in the bass clef, so it's nice and straight forward theoretically and its cheaper to run than the other woodwind instruments because you don't have to buy reeds to get a sound from it.  Finally, it is versatile and is used in classical, jazz and modern band ensembles.

Learning To Play The Flute

This instrument yields a pleasing tone the more you practice it, and at first requires a lot of air until you get used to playing it.  It is quite easy to obtain a note on it,  and if you can blow across a bottle and get a sound then you can get a note from the flute!  They are quite cheap to purchase and it is easy to obtain a teacher for essential guidance. I advise short bursts of practice, say ten minutes at first, leave it for an hour and then try another ten minutes until the stamina improves;  it is very rewarding for the student because they make progress quite quickly and are able to cope with simple but known melodies within a few weeks of playing. It is light to carry unlike the bulky bassoon, and is easily assembled and takes little cleaning when you've finished playing.  Certainly in my experience, I find that those who choose to learn the flute progress just that bit quicker than any other woodwind instrument. 


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