Leadership Book CoverDr. Tim has always been a wonderful source of inspiration and innovation when it comes to developing the leadership potential of our students.  One of his latest publications, Leadership: Vision, Commitment, Action (Gia Publications Inc., 2006) is a leadership workbook filled with quotes, thoughts, and focused worksheets developed to help student leaders find and refine their own personal vision of leadership. 


Rather than being a wordy, paragraph oriented text book on leadership, Lautzenheiser's book was written as a supplemental text to go along with the many live leadership workshops that Dr. Tim does throughout the country.  Each page focuses on inspirational bits of wisdom, beginning with a section titled Leadership Truths in which the student learns that a true leader does not take a leadership role for personal glory and that being a leader often requires deep reflection and understanding their own personal faults and weaknesses.   In subsequent sections, Dr. Tim focuses on the important facets of goal setting  and the personal commitment and characteristics that are required to become a true leader. 

Leadership is priced at a level that makes it possible to purchase one copy for each individual student in your leadership program.  There is ample space in the book to take notes, add your own personal thoughts, and discuss the topics that are brought up on each page.  The cover price for this useful leadership guide is just $5.95 and is available through Gia Publications.  Other books on leadership by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser are also available through Amazon.com

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