In case you were not aware, Japanese culture is ripe with adoration for robots of all kinds.  From fighting robots to servant robots, to annoying little Furby-esque pets, robotics has become a very big deal over there.  In case robotics has never really interested you as a musician, stand up and take notice of this story for a minute and see if it "changes your tune."

*Danger*  Heavy Sarcasm Ahead! 

For those of you interested in both technology AND music (is there anyone who really isn't?) I have found an interesting YouTube video from Japan that shows a new highly advanced humanoid robot playing the violin.  Yes, the country that brought us masters such as Shinichi Suzuki and annoyances like Pokemon has now brought us a glimpse into the future of music.  The funny thing is, he (it?) is actually pretty good. 

If you watch closely you can even see it doing vibrato while playing Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance.  Of course, a machine will never be able to play with the nuance and emotion that a human being can, but consider this...  In a few more years when one of the guys in your band falls down sick before a gig you might be able to hire good old Asimo to come fill in.  Luckily all of us brass and woodwind types are safe for the time being.

Read on to see the video clip. 

Sorry school users, chances are your school will block it so feel free to watch it at home!


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