JailAs music educators (and educators in general) we will all complain about discipline issues in our classes.  Perhaps there is one student that just drives you nuts, or one that spends more time in the office than in his chair.  Take heart music educators, it could be worse.  What if you were teaching music in a prison?


There are some music educators that I admire.  Not for their talent swinging a stick around, but for their sheer tenacity and dedication to the field of music education.  While all of us are passionate about our love for music it takes a very special person to go out of their comfort zone and take on a challenge such as the one I found on a WordPress blog today.  In a blog post by a blogger named MusicWork , she details her recent efforts in working with a group of prison inmates in a music workshop of sorts.  


The thoughts she shares and the concerns she expresses about the project are very telling about the type of music educator that she is.  I only wish I knew her name.  I searched the entire blog and cannot find a real name anywhere.  If anyone happens to know please feel free to leave a comment and fill us all in.  

In the absense of a real name, good job MusicWork, your dedication and effort are inspirational!

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