 of us who have spent many long semi-sleepless nights on band trips corraling hormonally challenged teenagers into their hotel rooms can take heart with this story.  Good old duct tape.  A million uses, several of which might get you sued...

Thanks to newsletter subscriber Rich Nicklay for bringing this one to my attention! 

I remember hearing stories of chaperones who put tape on the doors of hotel rooms to help detect students that happened to sneak out of their rooms after curfew.  I don't think I was ever in a position to have to do this on any of the trips that I personally led, but the thought did cross my mind during more than one trip discipline induced headache.  In the case associated with this story a chaperone used duct tape to "tape the door shut" as a curfew security measure.  The story does not say one way or the other, but my guess is it was just a small strip of tape, enough to advertise the fact that the door had been opened if it was disturbed.   The incident has turned into a slightly more sticky situation with one parent saying their son feared for his life...  Uhh...  Okay...

To read the full news story please visit the article on the Yahoo News Web Site

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