Empty ClassroomWelcome back everyone to another wonderful school year!  MusicEdMagic is proud to introduce one of our new writers, AustralianTel Asiado , a Sydneysider .  I have worked with Tel for several years on Suite101.com where I once served as the music appreciation writer.  Today Tel serves there as the Great Thinkers feature writer, and a consistent top contributor for both Music and Mind & Soul categories.  Tel has been brought on board here at MusicEdMagic for her expertise in music history, opera, and composers in general.

It is my goal over the next few months to involve additional writers from other countries as well to not only fill out the content being provided here at MusicEdMagic but also to get a more rounded point of view on music education around the world.  

In other news the Music Composer Research Database has been updated once again and serves as an excellent place for students (or teachers) to start searching for information on composers of all eras.  The interactive timeline, maps, and other materials provide guides for student research without giving them the answers directly.  Please check it out!

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