This weekend I received two new books to review and then add to the list of prizes for the MusicEdMagic Anniversary Giveaway!  I am already digging into them and hope to have a review up sometime this week on both of them.  For now, take a look at the prize list and see the newly added titles.

I am also adding a few very nice Fusion gig bags to the mix as well.  An F1 model Alto Sax bag and an F2 model Trumpet bag to be exact.

I am also proud to announce two new buying guides that I have put up on the site.  They have grown out of my own research into finding the best earbud headphones for me to use with my iPhone.  There are two versions, a guide to noise canceling earbuds and a guide to noise isolating earbuds.  Take a look if you are in the market for any of them!

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