I was weed whacking through my bookmarks list yesterday and got to thinking about all of these hundreds of web based resources that we as music educators have available to us.  I was wondering, what are the web sites that you most commonly use to prepare for or to help teach your classes?  Are there any sites or software tools that stand out in your mind as those that every music educator should use?  Are there some out there that you think are being underutilized but that really are helpful to you as an individual?

For me I think of sites like the Music Tech Teacher music worksheets site and the MENC forums but I am a little biased since I now teach only elementary band.  I'd be interested to know what resources others find useful, on any music ed topic or even on non-music topics if you have something that you consider vital to your daily routine.

Post a comment to this blog post and let us all know what music education resources are at the top of your "must see" list.  Only post one resource per comment if you can.  That way others can vote them up or down and in a month or two I will post a list of the most popular results.

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