Sonic Fit Screen CapturesHere is another useful music theory online resource for music teachers to use this fall.  Named SonicFit and the brainchild of music educator Dr. Jeff Morton, SonicFit is a music theory site that provides instruction in topics that go beyond what many other sites are currently providing.  Things like melodic dictation, scale identification, beat division, bassline solfege and many more are all included on the site in an easy to use graphical interface.  For a low annual subscription cost (sometimes as low as $1 per student) teachers can set up classes, and then assign their students specific work to do on the site, see their scores when they are done, and even export their grades to be included in other gradebook programs.


Using is easy, and the exercises are challenging even for non-beginners.  Some of the exercises require students to do hand written work (such as with the dictation exercises) but answer keys are provided for them to check their work. 


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