Basillica AltarThink that the concept of stereophonic music began with the invention of modern recording technology?  In past years scientists have travelled to places like the Rosslyn Chapel to discover that stone carvings in the walls actually represent the visual representation of the tones in an ancient motet.  A team led by music technology student at New York University named Braxton Boren has converged in Venice and believe that the churches and the Basillica of San Marco display architecture that was contructed specifically to make the wealthy dignitaries be able to hear the music of the choir in stereo.

"It seems like the galleries were built for the express purpose of projecting the choir up and out to the Doge and the other important people sitting in the chancel," Boren said.

The full story is available through the National Geographic Society and will hopefully also be available on the web site of the Acoustical Society of America in the near future.

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