Making Music With A DIY Kinect and PCI want to thank the guys over at the Noise Solution blog for showing me some really cool new DIY tech that makes an excellent substitute for the Soundbeam musical instrument.  For those that don't know a Soundbeam is a very pricey (like $5,000 pricey) device that senses movement and turns it into sound.  It is most often used in music therapy and as a way to help special needs individuals create music when they have limited mobility or dexterity.  To make a long story short, the guys at Noise Solution have rigged up a cool Do It Yourself substitute for this device using around $100 of off the shelf parts and some home brew software.  

The video below shows you what they have accomplished.  They have also done a similar music creation project using Wii remotes that is very impressive as well.  Read on to see the video.


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