A Concert Band Snare DrumEveryone likes a freebie, and stretching your school budget by making use of free concert band sheet music is one that every band director can enjoy.  For those that have in their heads that free concert band music automatically means poor quality, take heart, many of the freebies you will find on the sites listed below are from lesser known but capable composers and many of their selections can work well in many ensembles.  Read on to see the list.


Free Concert Band Music via Scorser

Scorser is a well written sheet music search engine that works in many different languages.  The database has well over 300,000 pieces of free sheet music in it in addition to over two million different pieces of tablature and lyrics.  The site indexes many of the other free online sheet music repositories like IMSLP and Mutopia, but is a good one stop shop to start your search for difficult to find literature.


Specializing mostly in solos and small ensemble pieces Free-Scores.com allows you to browse through titles in very specific instrumentations as well as limit your search by genre.  The site has music for almost every instrument imaginable from accordian to zither.  It also has a special section of large ensemble music including chorus, orchestra, marching band, and over 125 different pieces of concert band literature as well.

Lakeshore Concert Band Free Sheet Music Archive

Although not a repository for sheet music the Lakeshore Concert Band provides a fairly lengthy list of different free music resources from around the world.  Sections of links are provided for jazz pieces as well as other large ensemble and solo archive sites.  The page has not been updated recently however, and several of the links are no longer working.  Still, it’s a good place to check when searching for free sheet music.

Of course there are many other sites as well, many of which have already been mentioned here on MusicEdMagic such as MusOpen, Mutopia, and many others.  For free piano sheet music check out a similar article posted here a few months back, and as always visit MusicEdMagic’s own free sheet music archive for hundreds of pieces of free beginner sheet music for all concert band instruments.



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