Zoen LogoOnline music education is a growing industry limited only by the technology being used to provide the lessons.  Skype has been the program of choice used by hundreds or even thousands of professional music teachers all over the world.  Now however, Zenph Sound Innovations has released a new web browser based lesson portal known as ZOEN (for Zenph Online Education Network) that makes getting started taking or giving online lessons a whole lot easier.  Read on to find out more.

Take Lessons On Your Instrument Through The ZOEN

When you visit the ZOEN and sign up for a free account you are then allowed to browse or search through the listings of dozens of music teachers specializing in your specific instrument.  Limit your search by price, skill level, or even by the day of the week you would like to take the lesson on.  When you find a teacher that matches your needs you can schedule a free trial lesson if the teacher offers it.  Otherwise just log into the service on the day and time of your lesson and your teacher appears in the web browser window along with a small thumbnail of the video you are sending to them from your webcam.  

To take lessons over the ZOEN you need to have a minimum of a 150K Internet connection, a webcam, microphone, and speakers attached to your PC or Mac.  Higher bandwidth connections offer better quality video.

Sign Up To Teach Lessons On The ZOEN

For teachers, you can apply to teach lessons on the ZOEN web site by filling out a brief application form.  Once their staff contacts you and verifies some of the information you can begin to cash in on the online lesson boom.  ZOEN deducts a small commission on the lesson fees that you charge but otherwise there are no subscription or other fees attached to the service.



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