Networking DiagramThis may seem a bit strange coming from MusicEdMagic but hear me out. If you hate your web host as much as I did consider jumping ship and coming over to host alongside MusicEdMagic.   I recently canceled my web hosting accounts at GoDaddy and bought into a virtual private server to host MusicEdMagic and a few other small sites that I own.  The server has a lot of excess capacity and I want to share the love a bit.  Read on to find out more!


As a result of an agreement with the server vendor I am able to sell my excess capacity to other sites. If you have a personal or non profit web site (school band, private organization, etc.) and are also unhappy with your current hosting provider please drop me an email and we can chat about possibly hosting your site on our server.  The difference in speed is especially noticible on sites that use PHP heavily such as Wordpress and Joomla based web sites.  Rates will be very comparable to what other companies are charging and you will not believe how much of a difference it makes to be on a virtual private server as opposed to the hundreds of sites you find sharing the same IP address at the big hosting providers.

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions or suggestions regarding this opportunity.

Note:  The articles on this site may contain referral links to sites such as Amazon and other online retailers.  The small amount of income received from these links has helped keep up and running for over ten years now.  Thank you for your support!