Quiztones IconHave you ever wished that you had perfect pitch? Back when I was in college I had to train on a wonderfully archaic little tape recorder called Pitch Master (if I remember right). My results were mediocre at best, much as the hardware was. These days though there is no end to the number of ear training and sight singing apps available for smartphones and tablets. One of these apps, now available for both iOS and Android, is called Quiztones. It's not your ordinary music notation based aural training app though. Read on to find out what it does.

Quiztones is an ear training app that is not focused solely at musicians. In fact, you won't find music notation in it at all. It is primarily aimed at those people who work with audio mixers and equalizers and trains you to recognize specific frequencies so that it is easier for you to remove them using your equipment. Instead of using trial and error to adjust your equalizer to remove an annoying hum in the audio you eventually learn to recognize the frequency of the noise and thus remove it more quickly instead of having to "sweep" to find the correct frequency.

As I said the app is not solely intended for use as a musicians ear training app, but considering the "buzz" and positive reviews Quiztones is worth looking at. As mentioned it is now available for both iOS and Android platforms and is currently selling at an introductory price of $1.99.

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